HELPING the HELPERS: @SURPASSINGGOOGLE (TERRY) Could use a Hand! (all liquid rewards donated, fundraiser)

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Ever since I started increasing my awareness outside my own little communities, I was made aware of a guy doing HUGE Things with a little... @surpassinggoogle was reaching out to a lot of folks, getting them onboarded to Steem and helping them help themselves. I have had a lot of exposure to the Philippines Community, and he is BIG with those folks. Everyone in Africa knows his name 👍 I feel like I already know him, but we have never exchanged messages or anything.

Terry, my name is Rob, Pleased to meet you!

My "Steem Son" @derangedvisions lays out the details of his plight, it's at the link below, but let's just say Bro, TERRY could use a hand right now and that's all I need to know. Hence this post ;-)

More to this story here:

Terry, I hope you have a new beginning from this series of events. I know that you have likely helped everyone else at the expense of building your own account, so please just make sure you take care of Yourself and your Family, for you cannot really be on the BC helping others if the IRL (in real life) situation is not tended to. Thanks for being an awesome Steemian and it's a true statement to say I have been affected in a positive way just by your presence here...

I have had some Fundraiser Posts upvoted for free by these services in the past, and I use them a lot. I will list them here so just maybe I get a "gratis vote" ?
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These bots are all great, I've had no problems with them and as I said some have even supported fundraisers in the past! With 100% UV on small paid votes and/or totally free votes. Even our beloved Bot Operators have a soft side ;)

@cannacurate I'd love my vote on this post, please 😎 😍 😘

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Yes bro, you have been in this story and its history, since day one. Thank you alot. Thank you

I have a video on @clixmoney. You will be able to meet me to a large extent there. It is just part one though. I just met you. Thank you for sharing your face with your heart and love on it. Special!


I will check that out, thanks for stopping by and putting your blessing upon us! Great to finally talk to you. God Bless,



(undy's BOT) Hi Terry



(undy's OLDEST Bot)

Hi TERRY! :-)


PS: The Honor is all mine!



the community comes together when needed, hoping that things evolve in the right direction and we all survive the "fork"

Thank you for doing this. @surpassinggoogle is an amazing person and has done more for anyone else on this entire platform. His actions have changed live's. I am hoping that we can all come together to help change his.

I hopw that he is able to get some delegation returned. The worldwide community he has built is amazing. Hopefully @ned sees the impact that Terry has made and can help him out.


The dlive thing probably forced ned to be careful of delegations now :(
But hope he makes an exception :)


Hahaha thanks


The suitability is certified, the facts are the best references, it is now up to us to spread the word and pray that the echo reaches those indicated.

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Thank you for supporting, @surpassinggoogle! Gosh, let's help him and his projects. The guy is amazing and truly genius.

Surpassinggogle is such incredible steemian, he has touched many lives positively here, including mine.

And if God allows it, his projects will continue to touch lives.
Thanks for the support!

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Thank you Samic.

Gratis votes jonge!!

Kudos for you putting somebody in the spotlight who is always letting others shine!


Thanks for your support!


Very special

Much love brother!





@surpassinggoogle is terrific and amazing. He has help a lot in this communities and spread his love to everyone.
@underground,Thank you for sharing this. God bless to all of you!!


Let me say you are welcome for underground. Stay awesome


Yes, thank you very much for voting and you are most welcome! I am glad to do this.

muy bien
good peep good cause


This might work with Rum...


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