A little help for the Surgery of a 19 year old Girl

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Her name is Chennie Del Rosario, a 3rd year student at Aklan State University (Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines) Main Campus takes Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She's a jolly kid with full of dreams in life. She's responsible and smart with full of love in their family.

The initial finding of a Doctor is Brain Aneurysm.

What is Brain Aneurysm?
A brain (cerebral) aneurysm is a bulging, weak area in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain. In most cases, a brain aneurysm causes no symptoms and goes unnoticed. In rare cases, the brain aneurysm ruptures, releasing blood into the skull and causing a stroke.

Chennie and her family are striving harder in order to fight as one for her surgery. They need 500,000.00 - 700,000.00 in order to conduct the surgery. The family really needs financial assistance as of this time. The initial billing is more than 50,000.00 for just few days.

To all the people who has a big golden heart, please share a little bit of your blessings. For donations you can directly contact CHRISTINE JOY DEL ROSARIO her older sister in her Facebook account or votes this post this is really big help for her surgery.

Thank you for stopping by!


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Healing hugs and prayers!


The community here can surely help collect this money. Am I correct in thinking that 50,776.00 is around 850 euros? I am sure in a community as big and generous as steemit is capable of raising this.

I am sorry, hopefully this girl recover quickly


Thank you :) please include her to your prayer :)


sending love, light and prayers to her sis.


welcome my friends, please visit my post if u want

every little bit counts hope she gets better


Thanks sis :)

get well soon.. I will pray for you..


Thank you :)

@steemph.cebu will surely donate some for this girl. May God bless you always. Upvoted and Resteemed.


Thank you so much sir :D kakaiyak na talaga sa dami ng tumulong :(

In God's will, everything will be fine...

@rakitera i'm @blaogao or jay-r letrada upvote your post

Lets give our support to this pretty young lady even just a small amount will become a big help. Prayers for her.

Upvoted at 100% and resteemed, Lets help her through prayers as well

Help and pray, hope she gets better soon

Prayers for you Chennie ! God is our Healer at every moment in our lives . May God bless those who will donate :)

Hope to be healthy soon

Hoping for the fast recovery of Chennie. I appreciate for sharing this @rakitera. Godbless.

Hope she gets well

aww☹️ hoping for her fast recovery. i hope a lot of people could help her family to support her medical bills

Praying for this girl.
God will make a way.

God Bless Her. She will be fine in Jesus name, Amen.

Let's help...

wow, i study accounting as well. we're in the same boat with education.

I hope she recovers well. She's so young and has a lot in the future for her.

  ·  2년 전

oh no! TOO YOUNG FOR a BRAIN ANEURYSM. huhuhu. God is good.

Wow very sad

Thank you for this post mam rakitera this will really help to raise fund for her. God bless you po mam & praying for her to have a successful surgery ...

Let's pray for her fast recovery. May God guide her.

Praying for her fast recovery! I hope you raise enough money for her. God will provide :) God Bless you 😊

Thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.

Praying for her.

Praying for her fast recovery.

Prayers for her and her family. Nakakalungkot lalo ang bata pa nya :(

Nakakalungkot :( I pray for her fast and full recovery. And sana madami pang tumulong sa kanya.

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Lots of prayers for her

  ·  2년 전

I will include her in my prayers. hope she'll get better soon.

Get well soon Chennie, God will heal you.. Good job @rakitera..

Sis, how was she today? Any update?


hulijg update ko sa kanya sis kinuhaan na daw siya ng oxygen aalamin ko pa kung kelan sila lilipad sa manila.