Funko Claw Machine

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My buddy, @blewitt reminded me that I haven't posted in awhile and that I didn't even post about the Funko Claw machine I picked up from him back in March from his shop, Conquest Comics in NJ.


The machine made it's debut with us at C2E2 in Chicago. The night before the con started, the husband lost one of the keys to the machine! It definitely was not a good way to start our first big convention. By a stroke of pure luck, he found it after the first day of the con in the parking lot.


After C2E2, we had to revamp the shop and find the perfect spot for the machine in the shop. Since our shop utilizes every inch, we tried a few different spots until finally settling on the front where it fit perfectly.



Just a few weeks ago we brought the machine to the Michigan Comic Con. Again, it was a big hit and drew attention to our booth.




There were lots of winners at both shows and even at the shop. It was great seeing happy smiling faces of those who won. Now, we just need to figure out what show we will be at next.

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That machine is awesome. I really want one just for my house.

That's a cool machine. Not seen one of those before. My son would love it as he has quite a collection


There are only THREE of these in existence!

I saw your post just before steemit died and was reminded to come back to rain some love on you by @blewitt’s epic rant this morning!

  1. I am so excited to see where the funko claw landed!
  2. You look so organized and normal, how can you possibly be friends with @blewitt? 🤣😂🤣

😂 Just kidding! Glad you have committed to throwing some time in over here. I don’t know if it will bring you riches, but the place can definitely introduce you to awesome people if you give it a chance.
PS - I love Funko. Do you ever come out to the Seattle Con?


I'm probably more on @blewitt's level but the husband is super organized. :D I haven't been to the Seattle one YET but I plan on going one of these years!


Oh oh.... cause I have been in the back at Conquest. Thank god you have an organized husband! 😄


It’s like I’m trapped in an episode of hoarders.

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I have a love hate relationship with those machines, love to use them, hate to lose money on them... and the worst part is that I don't like to quit so I keep using them until I either get what I want to run out of money xD ( I sound like a junky ahahah)

Keep on posting bud, sometimes it's hard with these low STEEM prices, but now is the best time to be posting!


Ditto! I don't think I have ever won on a claw machine game. I'm pretty bad at visualizing a strategy but they are fun.

how frequently did people actually win at the machine? Those claw games are all the rage in Korea... they have entire shops with nothing but them inside. It is super cool to have one though. I bet it isn't exactly easy to transport!


We've had quite a few winners at the shows we've been at. Unfortunately for us, two people won a $120+ figure after 2 tries in our shop, both in the same day. I wish it was easy to transport! It takes about 2-3 people to get it into a van.


oh, that's a tough loss on $120 claw thing... good grief. That hurts!

Where is your shop?