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I went to Westgate Shopping Centre a few Days ago , in Roodepoort, I went to purchase a new 'phone for my Mother -in-Law.

Stopped in at GAME , whose motto is " You always win at Game".

She is pretty deaf!

The old phone was not ringing very loudly , so I purchased a new unit
that I was guaranteed , was loud by:-

A man called Headman, mentioned if it was not loud enough my M-I-L could ensure that his new name would be headless!

Had a good sense of Humour.


The above is a Photo of the Till situation when I went to pay?

Eleven till's and only one manned! ( or womaned?)

Reminded me of a Bank!

The next one was sent to me via WhatsApp, not my property

Why are we never happy with who we are , and always wishing for change?

Looks like this Girl really achieved her Dream?


Hope you enjoy this , Friends!

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I to am a SOUTH AFRICAN. it seems like our economy is at an all time low. I was wondering if you noticed a large number of home robbers lately. This might be because of the economic situation.

However, it is not nice to see crime on an increase. Please keep safe.


Why is that happening in your country?


Our Neighbour was broken into , about 2 weeks ago , We are less than 1 km from the Florida Police Station, they did not even bother to turn up. Just the local security companies and the Blockwatch. Definitely a big increase in Crime. They even robbed the Police Station a few months back!


Home break in's definitely on the increase, we also rely on local security and watch out for each other as best as we are able @awgbibb

Not a first with police stations being 'hit', ironic that the law enforcers cannot protect themselves, perhaps it's the vlei and bit of bush over the road gives them somewhere to watch the comings and goings.

nice and funny pic

Funny of the day got from your post.

Now all you need is a phone you can't hear when your mother in law calls!


Now all you need is
A phone you can't hear when your
Mother in law calls!

                 - funbobby51

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Strangely enough, very seldom phones me!


great blog bro i like you @awgbibb😗😍😗


Without voting , for the post , you actually score nothing with your comment.

Hahaha amazing funny post thanks for sharing your beautiful life