Unqualified Motorcycle Stunt Riders! -by @awgbibb

4년 전

Being Older , I am not sure if the Modern obsession with Gaming makes
youngsters think they have Superhuman Abilities and Skills?

Having been a frequent visitor to Hospitals in my youth, due to my
obsession with Motorcycles, I know I do not possess them , and am not

So , meandering through YouTube came across this video which piqued my
interest , and I am positive will amuse you?

In my twenties there were six of us who regularly rode together,
Rapidly dwindling to two.

The Video is courtesy of YouTube, not my property .

I trust you will enjoy it , despite the mishaps?

At the Spar near where I used to stay, there was a sign at the
Disabled Parking saying,

" Stupidity is not a Handicap" , actually it is!

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I'm sorry to admit, with the things that i have done, I could be on this video. My first bike that i bought at age 17. I accidentally poped a wheelie in a busy intersection, fell off but held on and got dragged through on coming trafic. Lucky to have survived.

Well, true to biker's lore, they worry more about their machines than fallen comrades, lol - watched it all because I like stupid, for some reason - same reason I watch Trump :)

just because most of the accidents inccur in societies, road and many other areas where they made their families in trouble

  ·  4년 전

hahaha very funny sir.

Hi @africaunited, I'm telling you I don't know how to ride a motorcycle, I don't like it, the only thing that attracts me is watching the competitions, it's a high-risk sport, respect for those who practice it and use it as a means of transportation, many people are not aware of the care you have to take to ride a bike and that's one of the main causes of accidents. Congratulations and blessings.

That looks a risky ride..😊

Nice post i like it 😎 thank you to share with us this beautiful post

actually some bikers think themselves hero while risking some others life not only their own... and thats baddest thing