Funny Fails #2 (You must see this)

4년 전

Compilation of funny fails, to make you feel better today, just watch and relax and if you like it you can Subscribe and Upvote.

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Tags: #UpvoteForUpvote , #TrevonJB , #CraigRant

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You transferred into my old dead account charisma11 yesterday and today. Just letting you know so you can possibly help someone else. Steemit has been noticed about that account being hacked. Thanks, @charism1

Thanks, you're so nice 😊

Very funny.. Hehehe

Lovely video. Thanks for the transfer, i would have said something earlier but i only just noticed it and i don't come online everyday

Thank you for transferring Steem to me.
I upvoted you and will follow you.

Nice post

Thnx 🤞🏾📈🚀♻️

Thanks for your sbd to me,

I sent you 1SBD instead of @steempromos after you sent me a message. Can you transfer it to him or resend it back?

thank you for your support
have a nice day

good work

iam currently very overwhelmed with dtube, because it always can not upload time vidio

Thanks for giving me reward, But how do I claim it? No idea.

Please transfer to me