What..?!?...I'm KOREAN..!!!?????

2년 전

My genetic testing came back in the mail today. I found out that I'm Korean!?!? Now I have to start life all over again, after all these years as an Asian man.

All these years I thought that I was Italian. I ate a lot of spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, pizza and stuff like that. Hell, I even spent two years living in Italy feeling like a pisano. I've been deceived since birth; my mother and father lied to me. They probably only spoke Italian to further the charade...? Yeah...that's what they did.

Any way, now I understand why I always felt compelled to remove my shoes at the door...I'm Asian...My mother and father used to yell at me, "HEY - put those shoes back on your feet, they stink. I was pretty good at math too in school and, I always respected my elders.

I'm gonna have to start eating Kimchee with my meals. I wonder how well that goes with meatballs? Hmm?
Yeah and kokuma...you know those big fat sweet potatoes? I always liked them anyway; cause I was Korean but didn't know it till now.

Fortunately, an old Korean friend in the donut shop gave me a Korean name many years ago because he liked me; he named me Woo Ahn. He said it meant "good friend" Now that I'm Korean, I'm gonna start using the name he gave me...

Thank God I found out I was Korean before I was dead, so that my family can honor me by leaving the front door open on the anniversary of my death. I can come back and see them as a ghost, and sit at the table where they placed a setting for me (I'll have to instruct them about the 'tradition' though)

Well, that's about all the news I have for today. Thank God for genetic testing. Now I know who I am.

Ahnyun heekaesayo. Sarung hamnita

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Wellcome to Steemit.com

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@averageoutsider , You are to funny. Loved it. My wife is a filipino and she is always making me take my shoes off. I did my geneology test a few years ago. I'm about what I thought I was... A very boring European heritage. You should try all of that fantastic Korean food. Wonderful. I'm now following your blog, and welcome to Steemit. Cheers.


Thank you @crowe ...I'm so happy that I made you laugh. Sometimes funny stuff just pops right into my head; don't know where it comes from. My 'ex-wife' is Filipino/American (we're still friends though) She knew Pres. Aquino and attended some affairs with her. I shall give you a follow as well...Mabuhai

You iz a funny man...it feels good to laugh. Thank you.


Thank you. Good luck to you too.

hi~I am Korean^^. I want to retweet your article.


Hi...nice to hear from you. Yes; retweet it if you want...that's fine with me. Have a great day.

Ha Ha. You got me. At first I thought you were serious.


:) But I bet I made you at least smile??? If I did...that makes me happy.


Yes definitely. I have a major sense of humor and in particular I like spoofs.