Friday Funnies!

2년 전

I think I am going to go with Self-Explanatory?


I wonder how many people have been beaten up?, or shot for this ingenious strategy?


I wonder if this does not allude to?, be careful when buying another Guitar, Your Wife ( or girlfriend ) may be watching?


All of these sent to me via WhatApp, not my Property.

Captions are my own.

This should not effect the silly smirk you have on your face after looking at them!

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I also have the same look as Meme #1 when my wife driving too lol :D


Very funny pics. Thanks for sharing

hahah from now on i should drive always lol

Lots of fun in these pics .

I love that first one- although in all honesty, it's Deb who has that look while I'm driving...Yeah, I commuted for too long and developed some short cuts - the funny thing is I think flying is dangerous, whereas my family disagrees - they say dangerous is being a passenger in a car driven by me, lol


They just don't understand, that when a sign says Dangerous curves ahead,( or any kind of Danger) one should speed up so as to be in danger for the shortest possible time!


ha ha, my sentiments exactly!

Its very funny and topics for humor.

Hehehehe!! Really funny one @awgbibb.

Damnit hahaha well women can be something to be really worried about hahaha I don't want to get sitting when my wife is driving damnit

I have that look (and worse) when I ride with my daughter!

wooow,a very funny my friend,wonderful works @awgbibb