Inspired By My Friend @awgbibb

3년 전

I learned a lot from many who keep posting and the ones who never fail to support me completely. I thank you wholeheartedly.

Let me joint and share with you all this humor:

This is especially made for my friend @awgbibb
I know he loves his bikes a lot and was in search of a spot. Just found it!!!


Now tell me are we going to control traffic in this manner. New strategic way to control signals.


O boy that high chair seems so comfortable. Mommy can I help you taste the food???


I hope you all enjoyed. I thank you all.

Chat in between are my own thoughts. Credit goes to my friends who send me the shots on whatsapp.

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It seems the Bikes are kept in a Large Dustbin!
So thinking of getting a Bike?, Are You?


No no...I can't ride...I think it is a cut water tank..


The Dustbin was just my attempt at humour!

Greetings, My friend, " Are you OK?, I don't see you posting anymore?


Thank you my friend @awgbibb for checking on me. I am doing fine, it is just that I am caught with my work a lot so by the time I come home I am exhausted. And at times am not finding much to write on. But I do miss to write and comment. Will be back soon.

very funny.Nice invention😂.@awgbibb

really funny

Very funny pictures you have there. I only hope the woman trying to signal the train to a stop, doesn't lose her hand or life in the process. Nice post.