Funny Meme Time

3년 전

It has been a long day here in the Binkley home.. SO enjoy some funny memes.

Every knows Obama didn't make America any better.. If you think he made it great your in denial stage of grievance..

Sheldon and his dry humor. Somehow it makes us all chuckle.

I hope these memes gave you a chuckle like they did for me.

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Funny meme. But obama maybe wrong.


Tell me one thing he did good for us? Our insurance is crap, economy failed, stock exchange plummeted, etc etc...he made America more racist then before. The media only portrays whites killing blacks... Come on he made it WAY worse...


That was the direction i was going but you got there before me.

Scientists see jokes or ironic statements differently. Not the way normal people do.


very true!