I found a few upvotes abandoned on the street!

3개월 전

People seem to be throwing away upvotes! I found these left on a London street, if anyone has lost any please let me know.

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pocketsend:11@bleepcoin, play around with the token of fun - POCKET!


Successful Send of 11
Sending Account: pode
Receiving Account: bleepcoin
New sending account balance: 272094
New receiving account balance: 1000010
Fee: 1
Steem trxid: 89dc43cfbb57cde37d20fbdba87a7e33a879dfb9


Someone sent you some POCKET tokens. POCKET is an experimental sub-token system which operates on the Steem blockchain. It's like having a custom token without SMT. You can also send some to someone else by just commenting on a post with the following command: pocketsend:number_of_token@recipient_name,memo for example to send 10 tokens to @pocketjs, make a comment starting with: pocketsend:10@pocketjs,This is a gift

I am running Pocket-JS confirmer code.

Have you tried to click on them?


Good idea, will try next time I walk past

Hahahahaha are they even upvotes ? They are kinda stagnant to the side


I assure you they are genuine upvotes, note the size of them, definitely whale votes. I will try to send one your way x