NEWS FLASH: Abnormal Number of Stair Falling Deaths

2개월 전

In an article I can't find at the moment, President Trump Trump dissuaded states from reopening recreational facilities to curb infection rates and enforce people sheltering in home. This is because many states have "doctored" their data to show a plateau in deaths or an outright decline. This has been the case in my state as well and they got caught; apology being that I paraphrase, "less public distress."

Trump now states the coronavirus deaths were from "natural sources like falling down the stairs."...............!!!!!!! One journalist stated getting more people out will "inspire them to resume normal activities. "

Another Democrat stated the virus is "hoax" which will magically disappear after the upcoming election. Right...

See for yourself:

Stay informed and away from stairs everyone!



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LOL yup they have been classifying deaths as other causes left and right. The military is doing the same thing... they have grossly underreported deaths. The covid stats page shows the statistical discrepancy which is quite easy to spot.


Yes you're right. My mother was diagnosed in a military base hospital as she has tricare for life having been a military spouse, and they straight up told het that her case was counted and gave no reason. Freaking ridiculous