Living in Japan : Japanese Apartment Tour

5년 전

We've had a few requests to do a tour of our Japanese apartments while living at leopalace and working for Interac. Obviously teaching English is the number one thing you we do here but maybe people are curious where we spend our downtime. Keep in mind that this isn't everyone's living situation but due to the popular habit our company and many others have for putting teachers / foreigners in apartments like this I figure this video can be useful to show off the size standards you can expect while living and teaching in Japan.

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Ahhh I miss it greatly. I lived outside of Tokyo in Chiba and the apato there are much more spacious. Thanks for sharing

Love seeing this. You really show what it's like. It's almost like living on a ship with the shower/sink setup. Do you fit into that bed lengthwise? Heavens!


Haha the bed is basically a part of the room they build it into it. Thanks for checking out the video.