Super Competitive Goat Saves The World

3년 전

I have no idea where the title idea came from.... okay maybe I have an idea.

Tried to think of an actual story... but think that part of the high must have moved on because I came up blank. I was so distraught I don't think I am even going to save the title for something later..... sad sad day.


Do not worry! I often get high and it is not usually so late... so there's hope and wider windows of opportunities to come!

~JOY!~, right?

You should be excited.... you should follow me. Not every time will I drag you in with a title like this and then just kind of dribble out. If I were to do that more than two out of every five times.... hey, I would be letting myself down. I'm no stranger to that. Soooooo, gonna follow?

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