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This is basically my experience with Alt Coins. Lol

That is the feeling you get everyday in Crypto.


:) been to the moon yet?

hhhh yes it happens when you end up as a winner in one of the contest :)
A nice one :)

Hi @cron thank you for supporting my post. I am sure you did not mean it to be like this but 0.02% of voting weight looks awkward- enough that I had to inform you. Maybe when 1 Steem was worth USD 2, it would have worked fine. Again I am thankful but just so that you know.


that's better than having $5 and not using it. then u go check and you're $5 is only worth a $1.. thee true reality of paper money.. what a lot of people don't realize is that you're paper currency loses 20% value or more a year..

it started from when i used to wash my jeans and used to b happy to get unexected money in it

some time happens in cypto too

haha hysterical. I like your account. Following you now :)

te espero en @maleudi +follow + upvote

this made me laugh until i realized i did only have $5 in my account... lol

HAi Cron,Thank's Very Much For you vote my @lovelyworld
Hoping you Always Health and succes For you

I like photo

Picture of your post I really like

  ·  3년 전

Any kind of lost pants pocket? 😂

Never happened to me

nice picture,But never Happened with me

Hahahhahaha nice dear

Thank You for upvoting My post.please upvote with resteem

  ·  3년 전

hahahah i though i had about 5$ then i check and see i have only 0.01... hahaha

Rich one :D

Very very good @cron

Your post is very interesting

terimakasih sudah upvote punya saya

funny. nice one. upvoted

hahaha no words to explain that's feelings at that time.

great photo, would be nice!

even if i check my account i still got 2.50 $ :)))

thanks. good post

So true , happened to me last week when i was at the shopping mall😅😂😂

Lol, that had me laugh. Then sometimes you look at your account and you're like wtf happened. Give and take :)

I wish it would happen to me...

Everyday feeling! Hahahaha lol

LMAO! Couldn't agree more! Nice chuckle during the bloodbath! Thanks for the laugh.

Nice one@cron

O my!!! It was a blessing❤️

Hahahah! Yeah right! Ughh!

Hahahaha often happens

hahaaaha i have seen my account for over $100 for the first time ever i feel like this!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  ·  3년 전


Reminded me on m self :-)

Brother I am waiting for that feeling....
And like your content so much....
Keep it up brother

Today is more like you think it's $17.29 but it's actly $5 ;)

Obviously! this is the mystery of cryptocurrency world.ha ha

  ·  3년 전


yeah, that feeling is awesome, to have more than expected

For me I still have a long way to go in other to understand crypto, in as much as I have tried am still yet to understand the basis

Is it possible to share posts on steemit ?