TRUTH OR DARE #247 - Are you a Dancer?

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TRUTH OR DARE #247 - Are you a Dancer?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. A dancer ? well maybe a little not much anymore cause the styles change over time the music changes the parody of life and the focus of attention change so the dance moves change. Just as i was getting used to the classic lie the tango or waltz, when i was a kid my class won a contest for the best Lithuanian folk dance group in grade 3 if that counts for something lol but that was my humble introduction to dance. Over the years just watching what the art of dance has become i think is amazing but what white guy wants to dance like he walking on hot coal not gonna happen although i don't think anybody really comes close to the Irish dancers how do they do that it's like they have springs in their legs, and then you have the more elegant ballroom/modern jazz/free style like we watch on TV so amazing i wouldn't mind learning it but really how often would do you dance . I have to admit school had a lot to do with my dance knowledge specially if you wanted to be socially active at any of the school dances. So funny when you think back remembering all the girls in a group on one side in the gym and all the guys on the other wall and then the lights go dim the music begins and the show starts tell ya truth funniest thing you ever saw all these newbee's just working out their dance moves,


A few of the older guys would usually start off ask for a dance that alone was worth being present, Oh these guys could talk to their sisters but to the girls was another thing so we just watched the show. These days i still like to move to the rhythm of a good beat so to speak but jumping up and down or any related break dance style is not for me, lol well not anymore :)) These days i still enjoy a little dance soiree but it's not a hunting party it's a love of life party. funniest time out bar hopping dancing we used to try a new clubs so many places was when myself and a few friends ventured unsuspectingly into a show bar.

It was all good fun, until the lights went dim we were actually expecting a rock band to play and all of a sudden out came the cabaret the fanfare music. Now we had few beer i leaned over to my Italian buddies after 5 minutes rubbed my eyes again looked and said these are the ugliest girls i have ever seen five o'clock shadow hairy legs and all i just thought they were french girls, then it hit me lol WHAT!! well that just floored me goes to show you that when you go bar hopping take time to read then marquise, well after laughing a bit started to look around all of a sudden it felt like Zardoz lol :))) time to leave before they eat us lol:)))). Are you smiling yet so anyways Are you a Dancer?:))).

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 247 - Are you a Dancer?

DARE: Tell us what do you do if or when you go out :))

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico


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I used to take latin and ballroom dance classes and hip hop for the longest time. I was really good at hip hop, and I got through all Bronze level latin and ballroom dances and had begun learning Silver level. But it was expensive, the school kinda stopped the hip hop classes and I mkved and had a burnout. I have not danced in a while, but sometimes I still move a bit, some moves I remember. If I can, I'd like to try krump. I'm good with routines, but not with improvising moves. When I go out, which is rarer than a blue moon, I don't dance.

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These days im glad i work standing cause i think i wouldn't get any exercise otherwise and you never know when a good tune might catch your interest. Krump kinda reminds me of MJ moves .

Yes, when I'm happy.


me too :))