TRUTH OR DARE #239 - Ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

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TRUTH OR DARE #239 - Ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. :) Okay everyday is a new day and today is just another BUT all i hear is people complaining and bitchin from the most unexpected places hmmm it's fine, they just have to find a telephone pole that will listen to them. But some day's you just have to remind them in a wake-up call so to speak! So it can be shocker but when it gets like this i like to send my special vibes from

My ALL tIME hERO Steven Tyler i think he can say it a way that less talented people who listen to such music that sounds like stuff for 1980 video games or funereal marches might understand me Like @ned once said uggh whats that terrible music :)))) admittedly everybody here has there own taste buds so WHO AM I TO JUDGE YOU RIGHT???. So when i find myself asking these stupid questions i always refer back to my Hero Steven Tyler says it as it should be said , also these guys are a phenomenal show of a life time as took me to new levels . soon it's gonna officially be party time too :)))) ? Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 238 - Ever woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

DARE: TELL US Whats the best thing you ever done by yourself? :)

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico


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HELLO MY FRIEND! :))))) I was checking on you and wish you an AWESOME and PRODUCTIVE week! :))))) What an AWESOME SURPRISE! :))))) So VERY happy to see an @darsico TRUTH OR DARE! :))))) You made my week BUDDY! :))))) Thanks VERY much for blessing us with a @darsico TRUTH OR DARE and for taking the time to do so! :))))) I know that you are EXTREMELY busy. I can honestly say that not too often I wake up on the wrong side of the bed. I am so VERY happy to just wake up! :))))) LOL! :))))) It is a TRUE BLESSING. :))))) Thanks also VERY much for your special vibes support and entertainment! :))))) GREATLY appreciated! :)))) PARTY TIME! :))))) I absolutely love it and your posts and Steven Tyler! :))))) He ALWAYS puts me in a GREAT mood. :))))) I put on "The other side" song and I forget about all of my problems and troubles. :))))) I put on "Love in an Elevator" and it takes me to a whole another level! :))))) LOL! :))))) I also wanted to answer the DARE also. The best thing I ever done for myself was joining the out of this world STEEMIT COMMUNITY! :))))) If I didn't, I would've never met you my Friend @darsico and so many out of this world Individuals! :))))) I am FOREVER grateful, appreciative and blessed! :))))) Friends ALWAYS and for LIFE! :))))) Thanks VERY much for adding the JENNIFER LAWRENCE gif! :))))) There are so MANY benefits of checkin her out! :))))) LOL! :))))) She MOST definitely gets my blood flowing to say the least! :))))) @extraterrestrial MOST definitely would go to the moon and back for her! :))))) LOL! :))))) ALWAYS wishing you all the VERY best in the universe and beyond BUDDY! :))))) Your Friend ALWAYS! :))))) @extraterrestrial :)))))


Hi @extraterrestrial thank you, i was thinking of you. Your Awesome all by yourself so much energy:)))) yES i am grateful to Steemit for bringing me you, and a few others. somehow it's fate so many people have tried to "" over the years and you have accomplished this sans effort. my friend for life , i do have a circle of close friends and i welcome you @extraterrestrial. Jennifer is a really hot item anyone normal guy would be extremely intimidated by her natural beauty which probably makes it very hard to find one she's on the same channel with, needle in a hay stack but hey you never know i wish her luck:)))). also pnball is almost done looks good LOL i've written ai programs that use less code lol :)))) Wishing you much SUCCESS this week @extraterrestrial:))))) be well your friend for life @darsico :))))


I do not know where to start my friend for life! :))))) It is MORE than an honor for me to be included in your circle of close friends! :))))) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING! :))))) I know that you already know how grateful and appreciative I am! :))))) The a-bot upvote got my attention again! :))))) Thanks again and again for EVERYTHING! :))))) I couldn't agree with you more regarding Jennifer! :)))) Such a beautiful and amazing and intimidating Human Being! :)))) LOL! :)))) I am so VERY happy to hear that pnball is almost done! :))))) All of your work is MAGIC and MAGNIFICENT my Friend! :))))) Regarding ai programs using less code LOL! :)))) Right back at ya with the SUCCESS! :))))) Your Friend for Life! :))))) @extraterrestrial :)))))

Whenever I wake up on the bed its never the wrong side. Its when I wake up on the floor that's always a wrong side.


On the floor? :)) well that's different, that means no worky today :))))

Haha, I think the question should be have you ever woke up on the right side of the bed?


yeah all the time but when i thought about it i write enough about that already? :))) it's a yin/yang thing :)

Sometimes, sometimes