TRUTH OR DARE #240 - Are you Ready for Spring?

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TRUTH OR DARE #240 - Are you Ready for Spring?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. :) This year i see a lot of changes coming in my life and some of them have already been in place for a while. Now spring in just 60 days life will be in full force as my city comes alive with parties and festivals for everything you can think of seems everyone gets in on it which is really cool almost like the world comes here to party. Summers in Montreal are just like no where else and yes i have traveled a lot so experiences are different for everyone. Just imagine in the 90's you could sit on you balcony and listen to Super tramp, Stevie ray Vaughan, the Eurythmics, Huey Lewis and the News just to name a few of the many that played here in Jarry Park many of us would just hang out by the swimming pool and listen to the whole outdoor concert priceless. This city is geared to party time from the fireworks every weekend to Old Montreal and the Laurentians, just so much you might think this is a advertisement but no it's not just telling it as it is part of what keeps me here. i know the weather plays havoc for three months a year but that's when you find other things to do like travel to the west coast or down south like most people who don't tolerate the cold well.

Funny story for years everyday driving to work along the same route at this one light this guy would come out with a cup and a little cardboard sign that looked all bent and tattered up with snugged writing it's the same one he uses for months, so he comes and asks for your change with I'm hungry help me approach you look at him dirty scratchy look you feel generous and you feel compassion so you give a little well this went on for months then in December he disappeared didn't see him for months then in April there he was back on the same corner with the same card board sign can you spare some change so i can eat but he looked like really tanned. So i asked him if all was good he said ya just got back from Florida the beach's are great had a good time partying on the beach's :). Well i changed my route to work after that:))))

The point being he was right you don't need money to have fun and even more so here, and that guy choosing to come back here when he could go anywhere is a testament to that! This year hoping that the construction will end will be the rebirth already the properties for sale have all but disappeared all new stores and condos soon a new street amazing and then they will put on a party. Ya goodbye winter hello spring and planning for summer:)))) Are you happy Winters Over? Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 240 - Are you Ready for Spring?

DARE: Tell us whats your favorite Season of the Year? :)

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico


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STOPPING BY my FRIEND! :))))) I was thinking of you. :))))) I wanted to wish you an outta this world week and what a HUGE SURPRISE! :))))) An @darsico TRUTH OR DARE! :))))) You made my week! :))))) YES I am more than ready for Spring! :))))) I absolutely love Spring time! :))))) From the sun to the Ladies! :))))) LOL! :))))) I am trying my VERY best to be a GREAT change in your life, just like you are in mine my FRIEND! :))))) It is imperative that I get to AMAZING CANADA. :))))) Especially Montreal in the Summer Time! :))))) I could only imagine the parties there. :))))) OUTTA THIS WORLD! :))))) I want to get to AMAZING CANADA to see you my FRIEND! :))))) I am slowly but surely building up my wallets. :))))) My STEEMIT wallet needs some work, but it is a work in progress. :))))) LOL! :))))) I understand and can resonate regarding changing your route to work! :))))) LOL! :))))) Thank God, I am the farthest from materialistic. :))))) I more than appreciate the little things. Like my 98 Ford Mustang. :))))) In my humble opinion the best things in life are free! :))))) I just have to think of your FRIENDSHIP my FRIEND! :))))) I am so VERY happy that winter is over and it is time to Spring ahead. :))))) Everyone definitely seems happier and nicer Spring time. :))))) I have to grab my dollar store shades and Hanes tank top and enjoy The Spring-Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear show again! :))))) LOL! :))))) LOVED IT IN SO MANY WAYS! :))))) LOL! :))))) It all of a sudden got extremely hot in here! :))))) LOL! :))))) Then I am going to jam to Stevie Ray Vaughan! :))))) It don't get much better! :))))) What a WONDERFUL POSITIVE saying regarding the Dandelion in the Spring. :))))) I always think that things will change for the better. In my humble opinion you just have to have a little faith and stay positive. :))))) Things change, just like the seasons. :))))) And thank God it is Tuesday today NOT Monday! :))))) LOL! :))))) You are the VERY BEST my FRIEND @darsico! :))))) Your Friend ALWAYS @extraterrestrial :))))) P.S. Sorry about writing a book here. I ABSOLUTELY love and look forward to your posts! They all are outta this world! :)))))


Hi @extraterrestrial sending you my relaxing cool vibes :)))))) Ya back outdoors back to business still a bit quiet but things change fast like a new york minute just beginning my routine again you know like back from vacation :)))) I cherish your friendship and thoughts thank you i am very grateful for your FRIENDSHIP also it's like a day without sunshine :))))) when i don't hear from ya :)))))) well somethings are done and still in testing mode but i think i might have the basic model ready. And you can write as much as you want it's all wanted and very welcome. Spring sounds great sprrrrriiiiinggggg wish i could figure out the notes for that :))))) Yup the girls are hot imagine i worked in a lingerie factory with 210 women and 4 guys when it gets to 32 degrees the ladies have no pride either in the office or the factory (another story here but it might sound like braggin:)))))) Really hope all is well, be well my friend have a Super Fantastic week who knows, might have time to post thank you @extraterrestrial :))))) be well your friend @darsico:)))))


Stopping by and wishing you an outta this world weekend! :))))) Sending the relaxing cool vibes right back at ya! :))))) Thinking of you my Friend! :))))) I had a VERY busy and productive week. I hope and I am sure you did too my FRIEND! :))))) I also cherish your FRIENDSHIP more than words can express! :))))) My sincerest apologies that I have not been on STEEMIT as much as I like and wish to be. Not hearing from you is also like a day without sunshine. :))))) I am so VERY happy to hear that things are coming along and you may have the basic model ready! :))))) Thank you so VERY much for EVERYTHING and not minding me saying whats on my mind! :))))) I know that it is often a lot! :))))) LOL! :))))) Lingerie factory with 210 women and 4 guys and the ladies have no pride with 32 degrees!!!!! :))))) Outstanding ratio! :))))) WOOOOOOWWWWW! :))))) I am so VERY happy to hear that you were able to experience and enjoy that! :))))) I am doing well my Friend, I hope and pray your are too and as you already know you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers! :))))) Your Friend ALWAYS @extraterrestrial :))))) P.S. Thanks again and again for EVERYTHING! :))))) I noticed the a-bot upvote thanks to you! :))))) I am forever GRATEFUL and APPRECIATIVE and I will NEVER forget! :)))))


Hi @extraterrestrial thank you, i wish you a wonderful weekend it's in the air :)))), yeah all those women taught me one thing, that is that i know nothing about women except that they are way smarter than us guys:))))))) i am always thinking of you , you're like a force of nature so much energy :)))))) as you move me into new unknown worlds :)))))) partner :)))))) be well @extraterrestrial you're friend ALWAYS @darsico and i am also very grateful to the universe for our special friendship :))))) it has taught me things i never imagined just feels good :))))) sending more good vibes :))))))

Since I live in an endless summer here in the Philippines, spring would be a nice change of pace.


It is, but after a long cold winter everyone is a little anxious i think it was once called cabin fever :)

You can bet I am ready for spring!

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