TRUTH OR DARE #241 - Do You blank blank blank a lot?

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TRUTH OR DARE #241 - Do You blank blank blank a lot?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. It's complicated subject for many blank blanks cause we blank blank so much it can be blank blank subject for blank. Sometime you blank blank for blank but then you realized too late that blank blank was blank now blank blank has issues hmmm :)))) well every blank blank a like to take a blank blank so i can blank blank blank myself not to be blank blank hey ya think it was a good idea? Someday's it just comes easy, but as you can obviously note not today :)))) blank blank blank Well so many blank blank ask blank are you a blank blank and blank blank that is blank blank of blank blank blank somewhere long ago and the blank blank blank yes, blank blank.


So even today blank blank blank are around blank blank but we don't talk much blank blank. Blank my game is improving so things move at their own pace blank blank blank. Today is much about blank blank so blank blank who reads it:))))) I hope this has cleared up a lot of blank blank blank that has been on their blank blank blank. So maybe you have a blank blank blank you wanna blank blank blank about might be an opportunity to blank about it anyways it's a rainy blank day here so this all goes well so do you or are you blank blank blank??? :) Please Enjoy play and leave a reply!

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 241 - Do You blank blank blank a lot?

DARE: Tell us a about your last blank blank :)


P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico

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Hello my FRIEND ALWAYS! :))))) I was stopping by and wanted to wish you a VERY productive and AWESOME week and try to bring you some sunshine! :))))) What an out of this world surprise and gift! :))))) AN OUTTA THIS WORLD @darsico TRUTH OR DARE! :))))) You made my week! :))))) Thanks so VERY much for EVERYTHING and for adding JENNIFER too! :))))) How could some of these People in this world not have a clue about JENNIFER LAWRENCE! Must have been living under a rock! :))))) LOL! :))))) I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! :))))) So OUTTA THIS WORLD that he got a HUG from JENNIFER! :))))) I would of passed out! :))))) LOL! :))))) She is so AWESOME and OUT OF THIS WORLD! :))))) I guess I blank blank blank a lot to answer your question! :))))) And I blanking love her! :))))) LOL! :))))) All the VERY best positive vibes in this world sending over to you! :))))) Your Friend ALWAYS! :))))) @extraterrestrial :)))))


Hi @extraterrestrial thank you for stopping by :)))) yes She's really a professional in every sense i have come to admire her wisdom and ingenuity very attractive i don't know how the guy kept standing i'm pretty sure it was extremely hot around her you know like keep her away from the icecream trucks hot:)))))) She caught my eye when she played in the Xmen as Mystique truly beautiful woman:))))) whats that Billy Ocean song i can dream about you :)))) Blue girl meets blue boy The best thing :))))))Thank you for the sunshine much appreciated :))))) Well another week less til summer wishing you also a very productive awesome week back at ya @extraterrestrial your friend Always :)))))@darsico

Usually I just blank blank, but sometimes I blank blank blank blank.
Rarely do I ever blank blank blank. lol


i can tell, you know how to blank blank :)

I only blank blank when I'm doing plank plank and when I tank tank, oh did I mention that my name is Hank Hank