TRUTH OR DARE #244 - Have you Done or Begun your Spring Cleaning ?

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TRUTH OR DARE #244 - Have you Done or Begun your Spring Cleaning ?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. Well if you haven't yet your not late but it is time. I'm always amazed by the amount of stuff i accumulate year after year. Even with all the moving and stuff i can't believe i still drag around the tools for my old crew i can outfit at least five guys with tool belts hammers crowbars you name it i think this year will go with the spring cleaning. I'm sure a lot of people at this time of year when they finally open their doors and look back see so much stuff they never realized it was even there lol :))) like being stuck with 3 tv's, Unfortunately all too big for my bathroom not that i spend a lot of time there i just cant find use for them:))) oh well more computer screens for me :) well if furniture isn't enough you start to look at your clothes going from boots to the shoes of last year that somehow have lost their look.

Myself my friend and tenant had himself a stroke last month a serious situation, i found him shaking on the floor in his room very disturbing when he tried to speak cause it all came out Chinese so now thirty days later he's been placed in long term care so sad cigarettes and hard liquor got him. Anyway they just carted him off took what they wanted and left the rest, no were taking him to... that's what they do here cause i would happily bring him all his stuff but i think that's not gonna happen anytime soon. So yup it's spring cleaning time and probably do a little painting and why spruce up the joint a little cause i probably wont have time after everything picks up! Forget that i have so much stuff that i have to stuff for stuff i want to do yeah i know it's time for an assistant time that's actually an interesting thought to entertain. You know after you move enough furniture you start to see the floors LOL :))) i really should invest in a cleaning lady ::)))) So how about you Have you Done or Begun your Spring Cleaning?

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 244 - Have you Done or Begun your Spring Cleaning?


DARE: Tell us who cleans your house?:) ))

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico


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I have begun but I am not yet done


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well ...

I think it's a bit of a strange concept ... if i don't keep at it on the daily it creeps up. I let it slide for just one day and it's like a pack of dust devils came by. I'm always amazed at how many cups and plates i succeed in scattering over the house in less than 48 hours if i dont follow up on it.

I think the tradition has more to do with the psyche really. I think it's more about un-cluttering your life (like family guy) than your house, a bit closer to a new years-resolution you actually act out with an added practical benefit so i guess yea because but i guess no because the garden is not really my favourite domain.
Makes me wonder, according to tradition, are gardens part of it ?
ponderindex.jpeg because they're even more relentless during springtime than the inside of the house is ...

Who dunnit ? For lack of money to invest as you say the gnomes are on vacation ... and its not my house so, when they're here i help , otherwise it's me ... lived alone or together enough to know which side of the broom goes what way, i left first time when i was 21 after all ...

with a coffee maker a fridge and two inflatable matresses ... i dont see me doing that right now lol

c la vie , as they probably say in some parts of canada as well but i still refuse to be fatalist about it ...

been too long, im trying my best to keep my presence on i know ive been quite absent if not a-social in the last months ... take care !!!


well somebody has to do it :)


I think you hinted at it a few times before but you were a roadworker before whatever it is you do now ?
It's one of those things here , like, complaining about "foreigners" taking all the jobs but in fact, and you do see most of them are , although they're very likely born in belgium, ethnically originating from somewhere else like, probably 2nd 3d o r 4th generation. Same thing for delivery. Almost all postnl and tnt would be. But for some reason i do get the impression they're the only ones still applying ...

Strange concepts ... something i never did although i did spend some time in outdoor jobs like laying driveways and cleaning big greenhouses with diluted acid spray (that was fun lol, dragging a 100 or 150m cable with water in it under high pressure sometimes 7m up a ladder to stand in a small gutter in the middle of those roofs with no safety harness spraying diluted fluor-acid ... the trick is that it like bites off a micro-layer so if you rinse it immediately you get this showroom-shine on the windows and the lumen they get for their (mostly tomatoes) vegetables increases -> bigger yield (in theory))
especially fun when the wind turns in your face and you stand a few metres high static in minus 5 celcius ... good times. But standing kneedeep in the mud laying roads in winter is probably just as much of a party ...
There's various reasons why i'm slightly de-motivated and on top of that no one really looks for 46 year old guys when they're hiring ... life from the Hellgium-side :p

Haha, awesome post.
I honestly have to say I didn't do spring cleaning yet but I am about to move to another apartment, which will be, at least I HOPE so, be clean. Does that mean I made Spring cleaning? :D


for sure it counts :) .

I don't know what spring cleaning is, I live in an endless summer here in the Philippine Islands.


i can relate to that, where i come from it's endless spring :)

My family never understood what a Spring Cleaning is. We just do a thorough clean every two weeks.