TRUTH OR DARE #251 - Cat got your tongue ? :)))))))

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TRUTH OR DARE #251 - Cat got your tongue ?


Hi Everyone welcome to TRUTH OR DARE. Since the end of writing some good literature investing a little coin and expecting maybe a revenue has officially ended since independent vote buying has been basically outlawed and lets face it we have absolutely no faith in the whales will save us since they basically asked for this or steemit at the moment adding to that, So many of us have just stopped writing. So where is this going now ? Do you think the future is bright? cause it sure is a slow start even this post will be just a testing the waters for me. But i promise you there is a god and i was informed that the evil ones will receive their due in return :{ you can run but you cant hide:)

cause karma's a bitch and she's gonna getcha:). so funny im sure you run fast ...

Continuing on myself i have a long list of people on hold actually because of the confusion i might have to have an informational heads up class instructions before sending them to get crapped on for just doing minimal work cause now they expect only pros will come, hey buddy wake up nobody's coming they came and left already remember? probably not right. So in this predicament of no investment since the bidbots were the only self sustained business whats next? more wallets and cloned websites do you think that you will invite others to blog on steemit? they will certainly need an instructional video and vote somewhere to promise conformity and be good right? just like facebook!!!! lol:) personally i think you should have wait for the grass to grow and occasionally clean it up now it's just becoming a sterile environment and we all know in nature nothing can grow in a sterile environment.

Since this is not a fuuny post you can leave a comment So is Life normal for you too? Myself I've kept myself busy with my video games over the past few months hopefully something might come out of it that would be nice, just lets me spend time doing other things that might bring value if not Here, then somewhere where they will be appreciated i like to keep things simple kinda why i appreciate drummers a lot they keep the beat for us writers. So are you posting more or less i know i am posting less but most because of wait and see how things go, so yeah the cat got my tongue. What about you did the cat get you tongue too?

TRUTH OR DARE QUESTION # 251 - cat got your tongue?

DARE: Tell us what are you a busy person ? :))

P.s. Scratch my back and i'll love you back !:)
You're the best!little_dog.gif

Thank you @darsico


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I'm a female, of course the cat doesn't have my tongue.