A Senior Moment



Did this ever happen to you?

Yup, and I'm really glad to know it happens to other folks as well. But I think I would rather have this kind of situation rather than with the keys inside and both driver and passenger outside figuring a way to enter the car without breaking the glass window. This situation, I've been through, as well, and not only once but quite regularly. Good thing I always carry a spare key in my wallet so it doesn't pose as a problem anymore.

All for now. Just thought I'd share a cheer and smile today.

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I tend to leave my keys in the front door of my house!


Ha ha ha. That happens with me too! But since we had our 4 dogs we don't lock the front door anymore so no problem with leaving the keys there lol.


Thankful we live in a quite and safe neighborhod. Furball's barking would also serve as a deterent.

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