Trump "Pickle-Gate" It's a Real Thing!

3년 전


I want him to be my friend, but The Donald won't even return my calls ...... Breaking News!

It was an exhausting morning today as I woke at near 4 AM, I got a call from one of my Russian Contacts to say "The lid is going to be blown wide open" on this story that will shock & amaze people about a story that has gone uncovered by MSM. Yuri is often right about these things, and I remember back in 2016 during the elections he warned me about the then Famous Pickle Scandal surrounding Hillary Rodham Clinton. It most likely was what cost her the rein of political office in the United States.

pickle-gate 2.jpeg

Reince Priebus then Tweeted Me -- saying, "It's not safe to talk via email .... that form of communication is not secure and that we should have stuck to *PGP back in the 90's" (If only we had the 'wayback machine' now and re-engineered the stupid Flux Capacitor before DARPA gave that secret away to Michael J. Fox.)

Dang Fool! If you think e-mail is not safe, why in the world did you Tweet Me! Polo-Tics is the new Meme! We need to create an alt-coin ... and Fast!

kek srew U.png

Reince - When I said Start Something New I did not say this.....WTH Bud?!?!

Well Here is the Breaking Story -

pickle-gate last.jpg

If you fail to believe a 9-Year old can not be a "sleeping Russian agent" transferring code in a white paper letter to the US Government, your the Bigger Fool. This is a direct attack on the US and a provocation toward polo-tic alka The new ISIS in changing governmental rule.

I have many Investigative Resources covering this Story (Here is a few)

When 9-Year Old (Russian Children) are able to this easily communicate with the WhiteHouse what is Next? Perhaps they will get in to our schools and institutions of learning.

pickle-gate sighn off.png

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