Joke : What to do when your man is cheating on you. Tips for ladies

3년 전

Why should you worry yoursel If your man is cheating on you!.. My Dear why do you keep disturbing your life arguing with him or fighting those girls around him when you know you can't win?
Please Stop having BP because of Him.

Get his phone and go to his phone contact and do the following=>

Interchange the names of the girls like this=>

  • linda with Joy,
  • Julieth with linda,
  • Julieth with loveth,
  • Loveth with Amanda,
  • Amanda with chioma,
  • Laura with Nene.

Remenber, Don't delete any number.

After, get your favourite juice, relax and watch the gods fight your battle.

The Great wall of Jericho must fall

You can thank me later. What are our friends for.

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