Safe Bay: The Drinking Game invented while living Vanlife

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Safe Bay: The Drinking Game

If you like drinking, minimal rules, and having fun, perhaps Safe Bay is the game for you! Safe Bay is a super simple drinking game we invented in the parking lot of a SafeWay in San Francisco, California. All you need is a deck of cards, booze, and a willingness to have fun!

Listen to us explain, then watch us get drunk playing for keeps!

Safe Bay Rules

If that video was TL;DW, here are the rules written down:

Safe Bay Rules:

All you need is a normal deck of cards. The game works by guessing a number and then flipping over one card.

  • The guesser guesses a number and then flips one card. If they guess a number that is plus or minus 3 of the number flipped, all the non-guessing players have to take a drink.
    -Ex: I guess a 5 and flip a 2, every one else has to drink.
    -Ex: I guess a 2 and flip a King, every one else has to drink (think King, Ace, 2)

  • If the guesser's guess is outside of the seven card window (the number guessed or plus or minus three of the number guessed) then the guesser must drink.
    -Ex: I guess a 6 and flip a Queen, I have to drink.

  • If the same card is flipped back to back, regardless of what the guess was, all players drink.
    -Ex: I flip a 3 and then you flip a 3, everybody drinks.

  • If the guesser guesses the next card correctly, they get to assign someone to drink 4 sips of their drink (or whatever arbitrary number you want to use as the rule).
    -Ex: If I guess 6 and then flip a 6, I get to choose a player that has to drink 4 drinks/sips of their drink.

  • If the guesser guesses the exact card on back to back turns, then they get to assign someone to drink 8 sips of their drink. If three consecutive turns in a row then they get to assign someone to drink 16 sips of their drink.
    -Ex: I guess a 6 and flip a 6. Then the other player(s) play their turn. Then on my next turn I guess a 9 and flip a 9, I get to pick someone to drink 8 sips of their drink.

  • If a joker is flipped, everyone has to finish their drink.

Those are all the rules we have come up with! Feel free to change whatever you like or add more :) We hope it helps a boring day or night be little bit more fun. It has made many nights a bit more special for us.

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My spouse Dash and I are in our second year of full time traveling in our Rialta, basically a glorified van, and this looks like a great game to play together. Unfortunately, she doesn't really drink, but perhaps I could get her to play with some adult Kombucha. Looks like y'all are having a great time, looking forward to perusing your content. Onward Indians.