If I Can Just.... - Comedy Open Mic Round 13 Entry 2

3년 전

Some people work really well under pressure. They're cool as cucumbers, calm like the eye of the storm.


This is me trying to get out one more post before the end of the round

I nominate @snoke and @steemmatt to participate in round 14 of #comedyopenmic. Don't wait til last minute, though.

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haha....identified, that's like 90% of the COM judges!


Good to know I'm not alone. Then again, maybe they're stressed cuz of my last minute entries.

Ooh ..
Very cool worker.
Ha ha

Bwahahaha... This me the day @idikuci typed "1 hour left"! God i shit my pants. Praise Jesus for Yesi's standard. ;D

WHAT! I am calm!

Me trying to edit my videos or make a nice thumbnail... All the time....

Artakush scratches his head in the bush...