The Secret - Comedy Open Mic Round 13 Entry 1

3년 전

So, my youngest was telling me how her friends always comment how lucky she is whenever they sit down for lunch. I pack lunch for my kids every day, more work but probably more nutritious than what they can get at school and cost less. So I said, "Yeah, you guys are pretty lucky to get packed lunch everyday. In fact, you're so lucky to have someone clean up after you, do your laundry for you. You guys should pay me. So, how much you gonna pay me?"

She replied she doesn't have any money, maybe a little too quickly.

"Well, the good thing is that no one will kidnap you since you got no money and your parents got no money," I told her. To which she replied that no one would kidnap me either, except maybe to study me. That baffled me. What would anyone want to study about me. So for some reason, maybe because I'm petite, I look younger than most people my age. My little one thinks someone might want to study me to find out what keeps me looking younger.

"What is your secret, mom?"


Oh, that's simple: lots of alcohol and staying stress free or is it lots of alcohol to keep me stress free

I nominate @ray4 and @mr-chuckles to participate in round 14 of #comedyopenmic. Come on guys, come make us laugh to keep us younger.

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yeah that's how you become a hot milf.... with the grog!

Alcohol helps the medicine go down.


Haha, yeah I hate the taste of medicine.

Moar booze!


You can never have too much.

No good story ever started off with the line, "This one time when I was drinking water."


That's true.

Yes, booze is known for its youthful complexion. because of that i will live till over a 100. Cheers


Cheers to 100+.

The elixir of youth