Controversial Topics 101 (Most of the time)

2년 전


At first.

You oppose it. Oppose it like hell.


You oppose whatever you’ve opposed before. Double the power.


You’re not so sure wtf is happening anymore.

Ring any bells?

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getting rid of your dog and buying a cat?


that didnt make any sense at all but it sounded funny af lol

I have to admit, I have no clue.

Human reactions are based on information provided at a moment, more clarity of information, more changing will our reactions become.

@kevinwong, this is really deep ‘most of time’.

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Do you think things will become better if we have a system 2 technology becoming as common as a mobile device?


Maybe @kevinwong, I’ve gone through the article. Thanks for bringing it up and thanks for your support.

We are confused humans at times🥴🤣

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only like 90% of the time lol



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That’s usually the case Kev.

Depending on our experiences mostly...or our benefits...human nature...


Or incomplete information..


But of course...misinformation => worst disease.

False assumptions...and there we go again, back to stupid human nature Kev

For me, the answer is a colonoscopy.

When you reach the wtf mark things begin to get better. :)


maybe until the pendulum swings again.. i guess somethings are worth the debate until resolution


Practical application will prove theories, but I know what you mean. There is always that pendulum. Personally, I don't debate there are enough others to do that. :)

Sounds like damage control companies use to protect their reputation. Either that or someone who was out on a drunk and did not now what the hell happened the night before. LOL God help them.


lol seems applicable too! sometimes the "later" and "final" part might take decades

lol i like the double down effect

If I oppose something in the past and later finds put that it is correct I need to concur on it the next time @kevinwong



(thank you for?)

except if you are stupid and continue to oppose it, till you die :P

Quite an interesting photo and this is a real meeting for the debaters!

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Crying in wilderness,.....better get out from the mess..

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I have used this so many times here... I just had to share it with you too
One of my favourite quotes from a Twisted Whiskers Calendar with some of the above that's happening ;p