October 31st is Honor Lord Vader Day (What are you doing the other 364 days of your year?)

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Greetings loyal followers.

My executive assistant Vera, who should never hide her perfection by disguising herself as anyone else, has informed me that across your planet, October 31st is deemed "Honor Lord Vader" day.

Why it is only one day is beyond me, but at least it is a start.

I have acquired quite a few data cards chronicling your inhabitants' attempts to honor me. It seems that some of you truly understand what it takes to pay homage to the most powerful being in any galaxy. Unfortunately others of you are completely clueless.

Here are some examples of the correct way to honor me.

What is the only thing better than one Lord Vader?

Multiple Lord Vaders!!!!!!!

This one of me taking candy from a youngling is especially authentic.

This one was so realistic that this cat creature was convinced it was really me.

You're welcome Mr. Imposter.

Although I always assumed that your men wanted to be me while your women wanted to be with me, it appears that several of your female inhabitants want to do both.

I was especially impressed by the authenticity involved in this attempt. The removable hands are a very nice touch. (Get it?)

This one would have been an excellent homage... if my worshiper had remembered to obtain the services of a refresher droid or had taken into account the need to expel liquid waste while in the costume.

The next step down from these attempts all came at the paws of your "lower" lifeforms (although not by much).

This one looks ready to rule all other canines with an iron paw.

This creature did an admiral job of capturing my regalness. It looks far more dignified and qualified than many of your planet's actual rulers.

And then there is this...

I find this foolish thing's attempt at combining an Emperor costume with my own quite insulting. If you find this monstrosity, do not attempt to apprehend it. Leave that to me.

Because your planet is inhabited mainly by utter morons, the vast majority of the attempts to impersonate me were utterly ridiculous.

Many of you appear to fail to comprehend the reason I wear my armor. Let me remind you...

And your people whine when a teacher takes away your smart phone.

Although my armor looks super freaking cool, I wear it for medical purposes. It covers my entire body for a reason. Therefore any attempt to pay homage to me should take that into account.

For that reason, all of the following are completely unacceptable and incredibly insulting.

How would you expect me to breathe with that giant section of my armor removed? In addition, with those two giant things attached to my chest, I could not lie prone. The weight of those would crush my lungs and render me unable to breath.

Not only does this one suffer from the same problems as above, there is no helmet! I kind of need that to breathe you idiots!

You saw my legs in that picture above correct? Oh wait. No you didn't. I don't have any freaking legs! So why would I have them exposed? I wouldn't you fools!

Actually there is nothing wrong at all with this one. Carry on.

This one is flat out insulting. No sleeves? A laughable blaster? It is as if all-grown-up Peter Brady and Elsa the Ice Queen have never even seen me before. I suggest someone educate them before I have to.

Ummm. Ummm. I don't even know where to begin. Do you think I wear electronic underwear? What good does it do to carry one's helmet. Never mind. You people are hopeless.

Finally there is the group of you who think it is funny to openly mock me and my greatness.

I am not one of your pilgrims or nuns. I would advise you not to depict me as one.

Perhaps this inhabitant has difficulty with depth perception and spacial awareness. It is almost as if he is attempting to lampoon me with these miscalculations of my size and that of my helmet. Then again, perhaps he is just a moron.

What the Hell is this? Seriously. I do not know. If any of my loyal followers can explain this one, please leave that explanation in the comments to this transmission.

Your people are not completely without hope. There was one inhabitant who chose to honor me and show his admiration with a nearly flawless imitation of me (and according to your philosophers "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery").

This human really nailed it...

Enjoy Honor Lord Vader Day!

Even your vegetation wants to honor me
Almsot enough Vaders
The couple that Vaders together...
Vader gets a little...
No hands!
Where's the refresher?
Iron paw
Feline power
Emperor Vader?
Why I wear my armor
I can't breathe
I'd die without my helmet
A skirt?
Carry on
Peter Brady
Not even close
No. Just no.
I'm perplexed
The Piano Man gets it

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I’ve heard candy can deter would-be vaders. I’ll be sure to have a good supply tonight to poison the little critters.


Be careful. I will be out tonight as well. You wouldn't want to make a fatal mistake... for yourself.


Please help in funding in the sector of the education


Please help in funding in the sector of the education

you are nothing but a lord of the entire galaxy your majesty


nothing but a spoiled little brat who did not know how to appreciate the gifts given to him since birth. we will show you vader! a rebellion like you've never seen before.

just kidding boo, cute helment though

I'd like to duel of faith with him

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

I ROFLed. Thank you for that post.

Haha still going strong i see

Is that one supposed to be Ruth Vader Ginsburg. If so that is clever.


I did not know your species was capable of such wit. That is impressive. Most impressive.

Didn't realize a chick vader existed :)))

i especially like the his and hers!!

Thanks for sending us this message on this precious day. I don't know about the rest of these worthless pagans, but I think of your Lordship daily. In fact, I'm saving money to get a permanent tattoo, although I'm not sure it does your Lordship justice.
vader tattoo.jpg


Impressive. Most impressive. I will add you to the list of those to be spared when I arrive.

Screaming on the inside about Vader. Kawaii kya!!!!! (Screaming like a teenage Japanese schoolgirl)

Best thing about me, I'm a limited edition. There are no other copies! Bet you're thinking
thank the good lord vader!

These would be great attire for the West Hollywood Halloween Festival!!


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I seem to have a new admirer named @bellyrub.

I strongly "suggest" you view @bellyrub's transmissions.

You may need a belly rub after eating this reward.

@lordvader, I suggest you date or pick up girls in bars like Chad Vader!

The pink and white Hello Kitty outfit is so you - definitely one you should be wearing more often.

I wonder if vader is a cat or dog sith lord?
I'm guessing not ewok
good to see you're still at it

and I'm pretty sure that's albino vader


That one probably glows in the dark.

Dear Lord Vader, This is Best post EVER!

ALL HAIL LORD VADER, the General Skywalker and the Dark Lord of the Sith ''In Davos Seaworth's voice"

She's ready for the trials.

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I like the cat costume. I think it very funny and so cute hehe
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I’ve heard candy can deter would-be vaders. I’ll be sure to have a good supply tonight to poison the little critters.thanks oll.

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oui c'est un bonne tenu mais il va Effrayer les enfants

CUTE !!!

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Haloween identik dengan labu.. kenapa

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Now where to find some reliable storm troopers. I think an archery...blaster contest should do it!

Nice costume, is any of it for sale, if it is how can i order for one


You can get one the same way I got mine. But that involves being thrown into a pool of lava.

  ·  4년 전

wow this is awesome., hehehe I love Iron paw..

The woman on photo called "Mr. Imposter" is very beautiful. Great Post Man. Followed

beautiful costumes :))

jajajajaja que buen post!!

Fast super !!!! very cool!!!

Awesome post... love vader :D

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :)


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That's Great!

@heart0048 upvote & comment your post now. I think you will be back soon.

I wanna be a "Lord Vader" too! How can I transform my self? ; )
Amazing post!
Thank you for sharing!
Followed and upvoted!
Hugs from Brazil!
; )

*** JUST RELAX ***

I will cut a pumpkin in your honor, on this very special day. I promise, the pumpkin will wear neither any underwear, nor any armor.

Honor Lord Vader Day. I liket but I don't know where

I love star wars! nice cosplay

My boy mike needs to see this

Ahhh! The boss is on here!
Umm. Ummmm...
Nothing to see here!
Move along. Move along.

Can someone say epic

Cool costumes

nice post

l need to get the cute cosume for next year! l have mask already, so its gonna be awesome 😆

😂😂😂 cat vader thats funny

nice info, thanks

The Origins of Halloween—What Does the Bible Say About Them?

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The Bible’s answer

The Bible does not mention Halloween. However, both the ancient origins of Halloween and its modern customs show it to be a celebration based on false beliefs about the dead and invisible spirits, or demons.—See “Halloween history and customs.”

The Bible warns: “There must never be anyone among you who . . . consults ghosts or spirits, or calls up the dead.” (Deuteronomy 18:10-12, The Jerusalem Bible) While some view Halloween as harmless fun, the Bible indicates that the practices associated with it are not. At 1 Corinthians 10:20, 21, the Bible says: “I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too.”—New International Version.

Isn't the pilgrim/ nun supposed to be Ruth Bader Ginsberg? I'd take that as a compliment.

Awesome asses

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I luv your Awesum Post!! Thnx for Sharing!!

Ahahah so funny! The dog and the cat costumes are so funny ahahah

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Very funny

upvote u n plz upvote me

Thanks for the funny post,it sure made my day! Keep on posting. Check out my blog if you have time. Thanks!

Hahaha! I hate you so much for making me laugh!

It's Bitcoin day. Nine years ago the bitcoin white paper was released. Isn't that more worthy than some set of rituals where there used to be human sacrifice?

Lol i could not help but to belt into a laughter, amazing post though happy lord vaders day

woow looks awesome @lordvader

excellent job, please see my profile and vote, also vote for yourselves and follow your blog. help us grow :)

Great pumpkin head :D 364 days in the year I am being myself haha

wow not really a start war fan but I enjoyed reading this and some great photos thanks

jajajaj geniales disfraces

Haha, that's just great! I'm a big fan of Star Wars universe as well so I really loved it. Especially the dog, come on - this one is just the best. I starred at it for like 10 minutes and I couldn't stop laughing :D

this is absolutely awesome. I need to go get another costume!

You just made my day! Love reading your posts...