I'm in a cynical mood and so here's my table of contents for this "You cant stop progress" Episode 113


These are fun, well, not Fun exactly but they do show just how much society is going to shit currently so im gonna give a semi amusing title for each segment of the video cuzz fuk it why not.

0:26 - Females are just as strong
1:03 - A great job again
1:30 - Mexico on Ice
1:42 - Liberty dies with a dance
1:54 - Another great job again
2:05 - The Westboro Lactist Church
2:54 - Zero Dk Thirty
3:11 - Nice D
for an ice cream kids
3:33 - Another other great job again
4:13 - Not god, not father, not boss, not six feet
5:05- Needed for vaginal reference
5:20 - "I've hurt you, and I wish to go on, hurting you"
5:37 - Guts or Coffee
7:03 - The Lick Ice Cream trend (LIC for short, Cil to reverse)
7:17 - Another other great job again
7:41 - Islam a bad.
9:57 - People might be scared of me, i'll go make sure
10:56 - Exercise in fertility
11:20 - Oh, they Are scared, force them to love me and rob them
12:05 - New $20 bill features Andrew Jackson in blackface
12:25 - Another other other great job agai- oH MY GAWD WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR ASS!?
12:43 - Just vegetating
13:15 - A Rhuv Bruv
13:49 - Reparations in whitebitch coins
14:26 - Perhaps not such a great job
15:08 - When credit cards are really, really not real
16:02 - What do you de-serve?
16:09 - The least stupid thing in this episode
16:21 - 0/10 Tolerance
17:12 - Swe dum fries
20:38 - A tiff in toon town
20:49 - I could go home now, but would that make me a fascist?
21:06 - toontown downtown
21:17 - Short end of the last straw
22:54- How to be a fan; show up, support team, buy merch.
23:30 - Literal bitchslap
23:40 - Owh... Wait for the zoom out.
24:54 - Despite lack of pigment at bottom of sea, ariel gon' need to be a nigga
25:51 - Good way to get shot
26:51 - Good way to look thot
27:01 - DANIEL Denial
27:45 - Save them turtles I guess.
30:02 - Abort support
31:09 - Perhaps a really bad job
31:42 - Females........ let me do it......... ARE as strong as men
32:18 - Its a fucking toy phone, my god,,,
33:00 - Beffurrr wffure ruuffeffffhffhfh
33:47 - I dont even know what im watching anymore
34:00 - Gram gram knows whats what
34:14 - Man dont have high opinion of women
34:31 - The power of the black n brown stripe
35:01 - Cant'believe they drag kids to these places
35:18 - Obsessed with chocolate, offended by fat

Go subscribe to I,Hypocrite on youtube
as someone said in the comments of this video,
his channel is criminally undersubbed.

There's a hundred of these if you have the stomach.

You don't know the mental anguish I just went through having to go back over this to do the timestamps.

Gods knows what it must be like to find and edit all this together.

Appreciate his effort.

You don't know how quickly all this degradation is progressing.

Its like its in freefall.

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Holy shit all that in one video? That is quite a journey and a game changing way to spend 40 mins.

I am not a podcast guy generally but am gonna check this out.

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