5 Warning Signs that will make you Bang your Head against the Wall

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banging head against the wall

Hello, my fellow Steemians.

Today, I was thinking to share something funny with you fellas but while I was searching google to get something inspirational to post, I came across some really weird warning signs that really made me think, who is stupid enough to make these signs or is it a desperate try from someone to be funny. Well, I don't want to become the judge here. So, I thought to share some of these stupid warning signs with you guys and let you be the judge.



Lets analyze it a little bit, if the person touching the wires going to be dead, then who the hell is going to pay $200 fine. Hillarious!



If you watch at this sign closely, it says Stop! which traditionally means that you should not go in a certain direction generally forwards. But when you look on the signs below the Stop sign. There are 4 more signs that points that which direction you should not proceed. According to these signs, you can't go forward nor you can go back. You can't turn left neither you can go right, then, "Where the Hell Should We go?"



Now, this warning sign clearly states that the person found dumping at the spot will be shot, then who the hell is going to be prosecuted? Just Hilarious!



This is just Stupid. If the person passing by is already driving the car while he is drunk, then what's the point of this sign. What I think could be the right Sign for the Drunk driver is the next one I am going to Share!



Lol!!! That's the right way to address the drunk driver. Don't you think the same?

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I will pay my fine whine i die LOL
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Lol! Exactly my point. I will definitely go through your post.

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