Crazy things in met gala疯狂的met gala2

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Known as the "fruit sister" in China, the kety perry is the leader of drama, and the hamburger dress worn in the infield is exaggerated to be no longer exaggerated. Also photographed to go to the bathroom to take off the outer burger, wearing the look of the lettuce dress inside.
在中国被称为“水果姐”,的kety perry是drama中的翘楚,内场穿的这款汉堡裙浮夸到不能再浮夸。还被人拍到去洗手间脱下外层的汉堡,穿着里面的生菜裙的样子。

This chandelier is worn when she enter the stadium. Of course, there are no disadvantages other than not looking good! . It is worth mentioning that those lights can light. Telling the true fruit sister is very relevant, but the earthy taste that has not been scattered for many years has always surrounded her.

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People are so weird some times...


Couldn't agree more.


Yeah but cool sometimes

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She came as a hamburger didn't see that one lol nice

Except for the burger dress all looks good.

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