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Listen, I get it, believe me, you've seen the movie (maybe several times already) and you want to talk about it. That's cool, nothing wrong with that. But lots of us, for one reason or another, haven't had a chance to see it yet. So either A) talk about it in person, when you're sure there's no one around who hasn't seen the movie or B) DON'T DO IT ONLINE! Or if you do, for Pete's sake Please post Spoiler Warnings and give some Filler or Space so people can't even accidentally see your spoilers! I mean, surely that doesn't sound unreasonable to you?

Because, if you somehow don't know, Spoilers can really, well, Spoil a movie for someone. The example that always really comes to mind for me is from a movie that is likely way before your time (for many of you at least). The movie was called The Crying Game. It's a good movie and there was a Huge reveal in it. I went to see the movie a few weeks after it came out and, during and after the pivotal scene, Everyone in the theatre gasped immensely and then sat in shock for a few minutes afterward. Except for me. Because I already Knew what was going to happen. Why? Because some @#%&$¢® piece of ¥©×% SPOILED it for me. Even worse is that it was in article that I read (can't recall if it was online or in print) and it was just BAM, right there, with no warning whatsoever! I had no chance to avoid reading it.

After the movie we all left and everyone was all agog, gushing about how awesome the movie was and how they had no idea that (the reveal) was going to happen and how shocked they all were by it. I was silent. While I did still enjoy the movie to a degree, most of what I was feeling was disappointment that I didn't get to experience that shock of the surprise, as well as ANGER at that damn writer for ruining it for me, as well as, likely, many other people.

I personally feel there's a special place in hell for people who Spoil movies for others. Probably a small, hot, room where they're forced to watch Pee-Wee Herman movies over and over, for all time. (ugh. Shudder!)

So please, don't be that person and don't ruin a good movie for the rest of us. Especially when it's a much anticipated one! If you were excited to see it, likely We are too! So Just Don't Blab About It. Otherwise, you now know what is waiting for you in the afterlife. You've been warned!!
Evil Monkey - Family Guy®

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