Planning my Revenge on Mr.Sun

4개월 전


That cat is plotting some serious retaliation, that's me. From the equations, you could tell where I plan to hit hard and most painful, unfortunately, I can't do nothing to Justin Tron, the new Supreme Owner of Steemit and its stake. Well, the cat is having a nap on an equation board, or maybe planning something sinister.

The only thing I'm planning to do is powerdown and get the hell out of here before my tiny shitbag of Steem becomes worthless. Its been a long ride, the selfish circlejerks of our Witnesses met their match in Justin, I never liked what he did but it feels good seeing someone much more powerful than this people who never care about other users but themselves. The only Witness I know and care about is @theycallmedan, he's the only witness I see supporting minnows and active users per discretion while other witnesses circle vote themselves and take the huge chunks of Steem. Well, don't bother to flag me, I'm powering down and bailing the ship to join Uptrennd. If Ned could ditch the platform, who I'm I to still be effortlessly wasting my time and resources?

For any Minnow and Plankton reading this, join UPTRENND where your engagement counts and earns you something decent!

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