Funny Work Signs Competition - 10SBD Prize on post payout

3년 전

Hi all you groovy steemians,

I thought I would brighten your day with a little 7 Day competition.

You have all seen them in the workplace, the kind of signs that show, frustration, idiocy, or just plain confusing work speak (jargon)

So I thought, If you have an funny, weird or just plain confusing sign at your workplace, then post a picture of said sign in the comments and in 7 days when this post payout I'll collect all the pictures from comments and have a unbiased Judging Panel (3 members) from the Teamgood fraternity, pick a winner.

The winner will be notified by memo and in a post once the judges have picked a winner

To start you all off, I'll include one from my work, that I made a few months ago, this one is special to me, as there are lot of linguists at my workplace that use this particular coffee machine, so I made this sign to:

a) Stop me endlessly cleaning up split water from incorrect usage.
b) Annoy the Linguistic Professors

Now this was actually what I wrote as my brain decided to forget what a reservoir is at the time...oh well.

RULES: (as always)

  1. Competition runs till post payout.
  2. You must have taken the photo yourself. (or can confirm originality)
  3. NO Plagiarism (reverse image lookup will be used).
  4. Judging Panel's decision will be final.
  5. NO Plagiarism (image theft will be instant disqualification)
  6. Have Fun !!!



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We have 2 signs, one is in the boardroom & probably from the internet at some time...

The other is signage for our meeting room name - I'm still not sure if the guy knows he spelt it wrong, but it looks good.

Going to see some funny stuffs around...👍 but only signs required ? Any other thing like kind of momento or dall that people use to keep at deskk?

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anything like that is great


Okay then...i make a post on it...and put across the link here...hope it work

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I work at home can I make my own sign or am I automatically disqualified

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  1. you made your own sign, so originality = CHK
  2. You work from home, so Home is your workplace = CHK
  3. Good to Go

ps I made the sign I used as an eg at work so.... :)


It works because of the medicine bottle in the corner.

Oh Shit, I'm gonna get fired :0! I got a ton at work. lol. If I seen this earlier...
I'm back to work Sat. I will try to remember to post a good 1.
Fun post!

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This should be a fun contest to follow the entries to!!! @sapphic

  ·  3년 전

hey you... send me a dm on discord... i have an underground arnold to show you.

i really want to do this contest but have been avoiding going to the office as much as possible :)

Well, my work involves a lot of travelling (I'm a musician), so I find myself in quite a few airplane... I had the pleasure of this sign on my last flight!


We change the sign for. Our bar every wednesday for our all night happy hour. Then back to the standard weekly 5-9 happy hour. One of our old staff members decided to write this on the sign...