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Ha ha really funny, eat this mockery ridiculed
Thanks for the post.


Dilbert rules !

I love carton very much.
Really your cartoon very funny.
Thanks for sharing

ha ha ha, it's was very funny,
i like it,
nice post
thank you

Ha ha really funny, there is no friend request between Blockchain and Marketing. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day and stay blessed.


Thanks for looking man


Welcome. 🙂

hahahah really it's very nice...
your post are nice...
upvoted // resteem

Dilbert is legendary. very clever and excited :))


Every single one of them is always super true :)


You should try watching Rick And Morty, Morty is number one 😂🐒

Hahaha! It's hilarious :D The Dilbert cartoon made my day. Yup, she is a bad explainer :D Marketing can't understand the power of BLOCKCHAIN.

Thanks for making my day! Have a good day!


Like always marketing has no clue :)


Yo! Absolutely right!!

wow fantastic post..thanks for sharing your post

To explane blockchain to the marketer is really hard nut to cracks, bacause thy cant understand well as we crypto trader understand. This is the reall bussines life. Thank you dear made my day superly....!!

  ·  3년 전

hahaha I think the same thing happens with me.really i am also dont no more about that

Hehehehe, It really a funny way, to explain to it, All is well that ends well but i dont think that all is well here haha. BTW nice post...

Really Funny....

@sbrys ,,you have presented in cartoon funny post.loving to your funny post.


hu what :) ?


oh,, i am really sorry @sbrys
i am change the before comment

ha ha ha very funny post,,,

Ha ha ha right bro