A Tour of Beautiful Shoes for YOU! Day 25

3년 전

To everyone jumping on board this wild and crazy month of blog posts about men's shoes, thank you!!

What a grand adventure in exercising the 'funny' muscles: Take some pics of shoes, share them with the world, and do your best to make it hilariously entertaining, enough that people from all over the world join you in making funny memes, delightfully encouraging comments (that's you @bettyboob and my Indian brother @letyouread, along with @lydon.sipe who's been with me here since the beginning (feels that way!))

All the engagement and hilarity, passing over 1000 followers, distributing Steem to resteemers and commenters, LOL 😂 all because of shoes man!

Yay Steemit!

For making our lives even more fun and ridiculous than they already were 😊


Here's a hint: You're gonna LOVE them!



If these boots could talk, can you imagine what they would say?

This is SPARTA!

Then with a mighty kick, these boots would dispatch a fucking clown 🤡 into a bottomless pit.

One that did not contain colorful balls to play in.

One teeming with angry snakes 🐍, infected with many venereal diseases and anxiety over looming tax audits.


You'll read a post tomorrow about the heroic snake who delivered the final death blow to the stupid clown.

He's been given the honor of being made into a pair of my shoes.

Last snakeskin shoe of the month tomorrow!

Ever a fan of one of the street names for heroin (the white stuff you inject in your arm after cooking it in a shitty black spoon, not the heroine Wonder Woman - Although, I suppose you could try to cook her in a spoon too, but I wouldn't recommend it), Mark Nason drops another Dragon on us.


The side profile of these shoes are as gorgeous as ever:


Tremendous, classy, comfortable, and comment inspiring footwear; everywhere, all the time.

Mark Nason's

Everyone should have one.

Or two... They're shoes!

And shoes are awesome; no matter where you are in the world, if you buy one, you always get one free 😀

Have a wonderful day Steemit,

Check back tomorrow for some absolutely killer Snakeskin Shoes!

@scan0017 😘

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I was expecting it wonders. You are awesome @scan0017 upvote and resteem


Thanks for the resteem @queqtra!
Everyone's help, by resteeming my posts, makes the world a happier, more joyful place.
Spread the word by resteeming!

Tell me if when you see these boots someone come to your mind? (A friend of dad) @petvalbra

upvoted and reestemed!

very nice today's shoe, you're amazing that's why I'm still a brother. I upvote and resteem

I'm so excited after see these unique shoes. Classy looks.

These beautiful shoes made me remember my favorite movie Toy Story, and the typical phrase of buddy (there is a snake in my boot) if I had some like that, I would always use that phrase, I think they are very original.

Its magical of shoes. Glorious stylish @scan0017

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

answering your question, if these shoes could talk, what would they say. Well, it would be something like, "Look at me, I'm imposing but outdated, without a doubt I'm going to show everyone's manhood, I'm the face of your ancestors" I think that reflects these boots. You have my vote. My regards, brother. you have my reestim

Wuaoooo @ scan0017, that boots more precious, unique in their style and also very elegant, brings back memories of my father since he loved the boots and I remember that you had some similar but not as original as you are.

Upvote and resteem.

Glorious Mark Nason's shoe collection.


upvote/ resteem.

The boots are awesome... and i think it is high in quality in terms of durability...

Wow! It looks cool and attractive in look. I would love to resteem your post.

Resteemed and Upvoted! Looking forward you for tomorrow killer smackers shoes 😍

@scan0017 #5moreposts brother. I am damn sure You are going to rock it on Steemit with huge followers base. And special thanks you mentioned me here. Good day Craig!

If are shoes that deserve to be resteemed and the Dragon Shoes :D
Heheh nice ones Upvoted!

@scan0017 Fascinating shoes. We love your work, I see that you have good taste and originality when choosing them, the dragons are impressive in them and also have class, the perfect combination.
upvote and resteem.

Wow bagus sekali..


I know, right?
Terima kasih saudara 😊

Yeah, you have an amazing talent at making shoes entertaining and hilarious at the same time. I haven't seen anyone doing anything like that :D I need those first shoes, because they would help me dispatch all the clowns into a bottomless bit! Why do I want to do that? Cuz they fucking creep me out, that's why!


You, Sir, are correct.


Haha! New trending hashtag #fuckaclown

Well, i hear them ROAR. And i'm just thinking when kicking someone, would i use the bottom or the top. I would probably make a sign of a dragon on someone's face :P


Definitely a mushroom tap to the forehead leaving a Dragon imprint.
You know it'll be there because stupid clown makeup is easy to smear when you physically manipulate their face.

I like the boot version of the Mark Nason's over the low top ones back from Day 6!! both are beautiful though! You have some serious shoe game!


And YOU Sir, have been taking notes and paying attention!
Cheers to you on your research brother 🍻


That is what I do best!!

Thank you for this wonderful and wonderful Sunday
I have never seen her before
Beautifully decorated shoes



Awesome shoes @klasanaj!
They're everywhere...

what do you think about this one



Ah - beautiful, stylish shoes for a lady.
Your shoes are Craiggles approved 👍

😳😳 Are these shoes from Westworld? 😏


Westworld or Westeros...
I forget 🤔


:) your blog is very interesting. I added to my follow list so i am not going to miss any post 🤗


And dragon looks awesome 🐲 🐲 😳

Yes, YES! I like these a lot. I think you will have to do another month of shoes but this time wear them 😀. On a more personal note: you don't have any plans to go to Anarchapulco and/or anarchaforko next month by any chance @scan0017? I tried to find you on steemit chat but to no avail...sigh.


I'll be in Jamaica soon, Anarchapulco will have to wait until next year...
REALLY looking forward to reading your posts about it!

These shoes are so flashy. I think it's very special. If everyone has this shoe, it may not make sense. Rarely can make you feel special.


I think you're special @slayer10 🙂
Thanks for commenting.


Thank you for your nice comment :)

Lol, that was funny :) Great shoes by the way! Thanks for sharing with us.

Do you have Store of shoes?


I think it's very special


No... But I could definitely open one 🙂


Good news Good luck my dear @scan0017

This shoe from #Japan ? Because they are famous for the #Dragon, I liked the shape of a lot, it is what I think special #Cowboys

  ·  3년 전

Nice shoes !!

amazing good to see you here

Wooow again very nice shoes @scan0017

Wonderful brand new shoes. Rocking footwear. thanks for sharing me.

Woow cool shoes ;) @scan0017

you already have 2 you only have 5 more to invoke shen long to make a wish
😂 @scan0017 upvote and resteem

Yeah, your hint worked out. We are loving these shoes. The snake behind the shoe and flower at the side of shoes is the great combo. I'm gonna loving it.

Indeed glorious shoe, best quality shoe i ever seing in my life. Nice sole and qualuty leather.

Upvoted thank you post

'And shoes are awesome; no matter where you are in the world, if you buy one, you always get one free 😀'

(My colleages are wondering why tears are rolling down my cheeks right now.. 🙈😂)

You just gave me the best reason ever why I can buy as much shoes as I want to WITH a good explaination!!


100% @bettyboob!
That two-for-one deal is universal!!!
This first drink in a month at the airport en route to Jamaica 🇯🇲 is awesome!
I gotta go board my flight...
First Class to Paradise, ima get funnedup!
Not really, lol, or something...
@lotje, this is "just kidding!" 🤷‍♂️
I didn't forget how much I love alcohol...
I just didn't remember how much I enjoyed it.
Love all you guys, even your headstrong @lotje who's like her mum.
Bloody hell I should have made this a post.
We're all here for fun!
Your whole family is definitely that 👍
Sweet pics yo 😉
"To post, and part, is such sweet sorrow..."
Word up!
Next post locked and loaded, firing now.
Have the best bloody weekend ever lady!


I swear to God I just heard a dude to my right order "Anal Pain" from the bartender.
They had a brief exchange, while I was in shock, and then dude scurried off to the bathroom...
Time to GO yo!
Stuff just got all crazy up in here...
Word up, much love ❤️, Craiggles OUT



Goed verhaal, lekker kort. Doen we verder niets mee... 😝
google-translate that! 😉


So you're flying to Jamaica?!
So , the photoshoot, the reason you're torturing yourself, was also in Jamaica right?
So we'll be seeing some topless photo's soon!!!! 👅😁


Thank you!
See edits 🙂


You're an 👼🤥