A Tour of Beautiful Shoes for YOU! Day 26

3년 전

Do you have any idea how lucky you are?!?
Truly, sincerely; the world is changing right now, in SO many ways...

Cryptocurrency IS going to be a major part of the future -- as you and I already know, it's already a significant part of our present!

Here why YOU are so fortunate, so lucky, so blessed:


Whether you joined last month, last year, or in 2016, WE are the people on the front line of that march into the future!

As you'll all agree from checking out the history of this particular blog, @scan0017, the future is beautiful, the future is bountiful,

The future is BRIGHT!

And it is our responsibility, to shine that light of positive change brightly enough for all the world to behold, that we may usher in a NEW era of mutual respect, kindness, and LOVE, to show all our fellow travelers on planet Earth what it looks like to care for one another so that they may follow in the footsteps of our example.

Steemit is still in its infancy (less than two years old!) and we are here, at the beginning, to nourish, care for, and encourage its development by our participation.

I'm doing my part by no longer upvoting my own posts. 😱 😲 🤯 🤪

Instead, I'm distributing the Steem Power to YOU!

By resteeming and upvoting posts of mine that you feel are worthy of sharing, and comments that make me laugh or smile, those Steemians are getting their comments upvoted to $1 😀

It's the "Craiggles Minnow Support Initiative," and this project has been extended by one more month!

A new comedy angle on the same particular subject will be blogged about once a day, every day, all month long!

You'll know that every day in February, you can come here and get a giggle, and hopefully laugh out loud!

Show your friends, help make them laugh, and encourage them to sign up to Steemit with an account of their own!

And that's why YOU are so lucky!

You're one of the first on Steemit!

🤝 Congratulations to you, we've got such an incredible future ahead of us...

Today's Official Shoe Selection for Your Viewing Pleasure!:


Aren't they gorgeous!?!

Of all the skins available for the fabrication of shoes, my favorites are definitely snake and mermaid.

The metal plate seal of authenticity:


Genuine snake; one that served Sparta, and served her well.

By punching and kicking that awful meth'd-up clown who fell down the hole.

Good Snake! 🐍

Bad Clown. 🤡

Great Shoes! 👞


As excited as I am for showcasing to you the final 5 selections of footwear, I'm even MORE excited for what's in store for you in February!

Follow @scan0017 for your daily dose of inspirational giggles, and my deep and sincere thanks for being a part of this blog, Steemit, and the world!

The world's 🌎 🌍 a better place because you're in it, you know!

@scan0017 😘

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What an amazing shoe collection you have got in your wardrobe. It's really admirable and I love this type of shoes cause I love to wear tassel shoe usually on special days of my life. This one is gorgeous and lovely the Mattle itself. This is the great review from your side. I become fan of your shoes collection. This one is the second most I have seen so far.

I resteemed and upvoted your post. 😊😊.


Powerful @bilalawan!
Thank you for the resteem!

@scan0017, I seriously know steemit giving most opportunities to us for growth ourselves. You doing great path here. Such a classy looks shoes seems. Just would be great.
Upvote and Resteem your post.

That's a wonders of the footwear. Genuine snake products. Glorious shoes.

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Its good to know that you are going to distribute your steem power to us. Today's selection is gorgeous and I'm loving it.



Powerful @ikrahch!
Your upvote and resteem earned your $1 upvote!
My sincere thanks to you 🙇‍♂️

Such fantastic and classical looks @scan0017. I'm so excited.

Upvote and resteem for see more my followers.

I like shoes but these ones that you have published would wear it for special meetings.


Thanks for the resteem @victor26!


no prolem man, i like your post

Looks great!!! You are awesome @Scan0017 DQmdFrxBBT1R2CaAWR3AhX4mrv68Jdr6bUVCnMv9QPGr1tZ.gifDQmPvziZjvqGVmWF87b7gtwyebBQx7gThMdiDN8BRSVHfsS_1680x8400.png

What beautiful shoes. They look like a real snake, every day you publish more dazzling shoes that captivate more people, you are great
upvote and resteem


Upvoted and resteemed .
This is very nice

as every day I follow you @scan0017 for your great work, you brighten up the day with your publications.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Great shoes bro :)
Resteemed and upvote @scan0017

Cool, I think it is a snake skin shoes.... hope to have that kind of shoe...

You're right, this is a march towards a new future. And we all go hand in hand, so we have to enjoy this present. Greetings and good day. As for the shoes, without a doubt they attract a lot of attention, I think you can cause great pain with those soles.
Resteemed and upvote @scan0017

Very original, it's hard to find some like that in another place.

Upvoted, followed and resteemed.

you are right, we are a new generation, that united us, and together we are going to shape it and grow together.
The truth is that the shoes highlight class would be fine with a white shirt with buttons.
Only 5 shoes left to show almost finished.. Resteemed y upvote @ scan0017

When I'm old I'll wear some shoes like that

joined recently and I think it's an amazing place where you can not only express your ideas but also let you know many more friends. With respect to the shoes I think they are a beautiful, that will give you a different, eye-catching look, giving your style a very original touch.
@ scan0017 Upvote y resteem

Another day, another post and another pair of shoes Made of 🐍 skin. Looking scary Craig . And you offered an another great news to your followers that you are going to continue this initiative with fun episode this February. Eager to laugh out @scan0017

not all heroes wear capes.. ive been following you this past month and lookong forward to February's shenanigans yewww

wow!! Your selectiOn is very gOod, I like your chOice

I resteemd and Upvoted your post :)

Wow i really like these shoes just wonderful shoes.
It's great that you are going to be upvote steemitian.
upvoted and resteemed.

Honestly I did not know that Steemit was less than two year old and yes, being part of this incredible community from the beginning is wonderful. Really what you are doing is great, and for me to follow and support your project is a pleasure, and today I want to Thank you, you are reaching many parts of the world!!

How amazing are the shoes you publish @ scan0017, this particular I steal my heart, is great and very original, an authentic snake. Truly Steemit draws us a great smile and lets us meet people as fun and generous as you.

Upvote y resteem

A Picture of Beautiful inspiration for YOU!



You're absolutely right @bettyboob!
Those shoes ARE inspiring!


Yes! And this pic is great inspiration for the shoot! 😊 Always happy to help! 😁

wow its made by skin of snake , becarful huh I like it

The Boots are Awesome and i Think it is High in Quality in Terms of Durability.😊

Thank you my friend @scan0017 for this motivation and not the people between what is starting and what is old in our steemit.
I always invite my close friends to join this site which has a bright future.
Beautiful shoes of leather tassels
This shoe is suitable for those who wear tassels
I do not advise anyone who has a phobia of misrepresentations
I wish you a happy day

Oh great shoe that he made of snake skin
i like it

I joined two months ago, and I was so relieved at this place, I have the honor to know and be following someone like you
As for the shoe, there is no talk about it, it is a fantasy

Thank you dear @scan0017 for this shotr
It make by skin of snake 😍😍 more than wonderful

i am very thankfull to you for being give us new and beautiful shpoes review!
that make easy for us to take decision on what type of shoes we need and quality of shoes thanks you dear!

shoes are very helpful @scan0017, I really like your shoes.

SUPER shoes see Today!!
Is especially..!!^__^

It's really awesome Shoes.I really love this shoes.Thanks for sharing @scan0017

The shoes look really cool, I like. It must be very expensive.
Speaking of steemit, I was just accepted to join in steemit on 21 January 2018. Hopefully we can be friends and mutual to share in steemit. Greetings know to you @scan0017 ... :)

i would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to see these wonderful pieces eager to see more

New brand footwear. Awesome shoes for handsome men. Great post sharing

Wooow means snake. It's really a great choice. Very stylish. @scan0017

Extraordinary shoes ever. Brand footwear it is! Just rocking. Thanks for sharing me

right beautiful i am here following

Nice Write Up. @scan0017 I can't wait to receive a steem power from you....

That depends.

@ scan0017 these shoes are really original, although at dawn I could confuse him with a snake and start screaming like crazy. They are amazing.

upvote y resteem