A Tour of Beautiful Shoes for YOU! Day 31!!!!

3년 전

Finishing strong, YOU MADE IT!
31 days long and strong, every day a new, compelling example of quality men's footwear!!!
Every day in January!

Some of you made unrelated EBay purchases, the most intelligent ones amongst you made notes and placed comments, EVERYBODY Learned something!

And that's what's most important, in school, on STEEMIT, in LIFE!

Learning and having fun 😀

Today's shoes:


Pleasant, stylish, unbecoming.

Like a princess... Second in line to the throne.

Witness the fire 🔥:


A closer look: And yes, of course Mark Nason's, and with a proper Dragon Goodbye:


February is tomorrow, fresh and new fun scheduled for the shortest day of the month (yes, poor planning.... lol bend 'dem rules mon! This next funny vibe may stretch through March! 😱).

Have an amazing day everyone:
It's already set up for you;

@scan0017 😘


All upvotes, resteem, and comments on both, IN my comments section, get MAXIMUM upvote Power for JUST the next 24 hours!!!


Please, take my power and do with it what you will!

With that blessing, my recommendation is to power up, as I have done, to HAVE the strength to upvote and encourage others!

That's why I'm here: As an agent of Karma; to redistribute not as a Robin Hood... More like a benevolent, Pan - like influence...

Hee hee 🤣


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Yeah, congratulations for your achievement @scan0017 bro!

Yeay you made it!! 31 days of dead snakes and dragons!! Good job! And guess what..... You were so inspiring, that I decided to be a participant in the monthlyauthorchallenge also next month!! I will not be writing about snakes... I WILL be writing about MONSTERS! Real ones! (well one monster actually, but he counts for 10..)

AND because I'm so proud of you, I'll RESTEEM your post!!!! Whoopwhoop!!


OMG... 🤣
"31 Days of dead snakes & dragons"
You're the BEST! 😂
Gotta go abuse alcohol - please everybody, upvote Bettyboob's comment, that was amazing!
I'll be back...


Oh yessss! That's HOT!! 😏

Thanks sharing resteem and upvote

Nice shoes. Resteemed and upvote sir !!!

I love these shoes...Special...
Resteem with Love ^__^

So, the month journey going to be end and the new project will be started from today. You are doing really good work and we enjoyed your every shoe post. This last one also superb and fancy. #UPVOTED & #RESTEEMED

Hey! This selection for the last day is super gorgeous that you can't believe how much I'm loving this shoe right now. Just loving the dragon on shoes


Good post man, it's a pleasure to follow your shoe line.

İt is wonderful. My friend resteem and upvote.images.jpegDQmPvziZjvqGVmWF87b7gtwyebBQx7gThMdiDN8BRSVHfsS_1680x8400.png

Another day of assertive shoes with respect to the good, beautiful and elegant @ scan0017, I insist you should show ladies shoes to confirm your good taste in that genre. greetings... Up-Voted & Re-Steemed

Powerful shoes worthy of the power of the dragon, footprints of power with the elegance of the very original design, resteem and upvote.

que bonitos zapatos saludos desde venezuela reestem tu post!! gracias por el apoyo

January 31 last pair of shoes, it was fun to live with you.
This last pair of shoes has some elegance and the dragon looks great in them!
@scan0017 Have my vote these beautiful shoes

Beautiful shoes ideal to attend your first date, leaving your girl enchanted with your shoes and leaving a first and very good impression.

I'm so thankful with you to share your sp with us and These shoes looks too cute. 👌

i'm resteem right now.


İt is wonderful shoes!! You are awesome @scan0017 my friend resteem and upvoteDQmdFrxBBT1R2CaAWR3AhX4mrv68Jdr6bUVCnMv9QPGr1tZ.gif

@scan0017, You made 31 posts last month. Wow superb.
Unique dragon pattern brown coloring shoe pair. Handsome looks & various passion indeed. Comfortable. Best fun giving by you to steemit community.
Stay blessed.


I think that with some shoes I could easily believe myself a king, and ride on a ferocious velvet lion. If it exists, hahaha, I love the dragon, it is very royalty. Greetings brothers .. upvote and reestem

@scan0017 your shoes are great, their different styles are fantastic, good work and taste too, I am anxious to see what you have for February.

upvoted and resteemed

You have done it, honey, you have a lot of merit, infinite thanks!
February bring to you all the best of this world ... You deserve it!

very stylish footwear and as I told you the brown my favorite color greetings and excellent work @scan0017 Up-Voted & Re-Steemed

Wow..Glorious and unique fashion. Giving more handsome condition.
Powerful strength entire.
Dragon logo nice creativity and new promo.

Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

That's it for January! Looking forward your upcoming posts what you have in stores for February @scan0017 Big congratulations . You and @misslasvegas inspired me lot in this #monthlyauthorchallenge and you know Craig I am starting it today!!!

@ scan0017 your shoes are very beautiful, they have a very fine finish and the dragon on the heel makes it stand out; It was fun to live with you these 31 days of January
upvoted and resteemed

seen yoir moddeling shot you would pull of the green tight bro so what sorta stuff can we expect for febuary. i always drop in for a laugh on your page resteemed for you brother next paycheck im gunna gunna power up like a ranger

Congrats @scan0017, you MADE it! I have to start over, starting today. Hopefully this month (with less days 😏) I will actually make it through without power outages etc....Steem on Craigstar ❤️️



Such a stronger finished last month your posts. This time very smart and top level shoe upload here. Brown coloring shoes gave fabulous look. Nice finishing.
upvote and resteem.

That's why I'm here: As an agent of Karma; to redistribute not as a Robin Hood... More like a benevolent, Pan - like influence...

This is actually all kinds of awesome, just like this series of posts!

Thank you for sharing!


Comments, conviction, and re-inspiration from MY influencers, #YOU!
are what Drive my Ambition.
Thank you.

that's Perfect shOes awesOme collectiOn. GoOd work. I always resteemd and upvote your post!!


  ·  3년 전

The color of a shoe was awesome and the dragon on it was looking great because it is made through the thread looks great.

I well 100% upvote and Resteem it

Classy shoes at the start of a new month you have shared, Love the design and quality of it... Will be waiting for your next posts because i am your fan now :) Upvoted And Resteemed

dragon awesome reestem now

@ scan0017 beautiful all your shoes, I loved the colors and styles, you have great taste with shoes and you also have a great heart.

Upvoted and resteemed

amazing keep it up like this

The last shoes in the last days of the month of January was very wonderful color and the styles that it contains
Thank you my friend for your support from me following your publication.
We are waiting for your surprise in February

It's beautiful but I have a question :
Why is the membrane inside the shoe #blue and not #black?


That's easy.. Because princesses are royal


Takes one to know one...

Wow.... Outstanding looking the footwear. it is world class Brand. Thanks for sharing.... @scan0017

I love this beautiful shoes .it is really look

Thanks @scan0017
Have a great day

I am not surprised you saved some Mark Nason's for last!! I have been a fan of all the shoes from this designer that I was completely unfamiliar with at the start of this month! If I didn't know any better I would believe that you are Mark Nason yourself! Anyways, thanks for putting this on every single day! I had a blast following you on this shoe journey!


You're the best brother - cheers to you 🍻

Finishing strong with some Mark Nason classic style. That dragon on the heel is my favorite rendition of his use of the dragon yet. Way to go on 31 days straight Craiggles!!


Thanks Lydon!!!

classy ! Nice shoes, lol.

luxurious one really great to have these beautiful collection

It is a beautiful shoe that looks used but is high quality!! it seem very expensive? nn

very nice design... God Bless

Wow, that looks really cool @scan0017, I really like your article. Because it can always be a very good motivation for me, and I always smile happily at the time memabaca your article. Thank you for sharing and hope you will be more successful.

Nice elaborate comfort looking shoe, the Embroidered Dragon is really cool

nice shoes
You can re-dye it To become new

I love these shoes, they seem very original and elegant, what I like the most is the color.

Looks lovely like a representation
In the event that you think about craftsmanship don't hesitate to investigate my last post

  ·  3년 전

Nice shoes man thanks

Looks beautiful like a portrait
If you care about art feel free to take a look at my last post

oh thank you so much i really like ur every post of shoes..
i appreciate your work and keep sharing like this buddy @scan0017
upvoted and resteemed

Awesome bro, you made it - Steem On!!! 👏👏👏

thats the shoes show the personality and attitude of the man.. have a great design perfect finishing... i love it