Steemit Guide! How to Use Tags!

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Hello and welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to use tags correctly on the social media blogging site!

I understand that if you're not a trained brain surgeon or rocket scientist, the fundamentals of correct tag use can be quite confusing and cumbersome, but that's why I'm here! To guide you through this no doubt challenging and tasking ordeal.

So, you want to make a post on Steemit? Awesome!

What do you want to post about? Oh, pictures of cats! Can't have enough of those on the internet, wonderful.

Think long and hard about the very essentials of your post, the subject matter, the basic principles, if you will. Don't proceed yet, keep thinking. Think a little more. No seriously, dude, think.

It's a photo set of the cat you own because it keeps you company since you don't have any friends. What would make sense to tag these posts under?

Remember: the tags are there to organize the posts on Steemit - to make it easier for other people to find posts that interest them. Easier, not harder. We will be returning to this step later.

Did you figure it out yet? What tags should you use for a post about your cat?

"steemit"? Okay, this is going nowhere. But it's okay, we'll work our way through this, don't worry.

A photo set of your cat should naturally fall under the tags "photography" and "cats".

You see, now people who are interested in both photography and cats, can search the aforementioned tags "photography" and "cats" to actually find your wonderfully mundane post that you felt the urge to share with the entire world!

If you tag the post under "steemit", or "steem", for instance, people who are not interested in cats or photography will run into your damn post when searching for posts about Steemit and STEEM.

Remember what I said about correct tag usage making it easier for people to use Steemit? You can make a difference. Yes, you. Screw Obama, you can be the change we can believe in.

I am happy to answer any and all questions on the subject matter. If you find this confusing, don't be afraid to ask. I want to guide you all through this and make a positive difference.

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kind sir. i will make a difference like you are saying! all my posts will now be tagged 'cats' and 'photography' as you requested.


But what about if I draw pictures of dogs?

Then I can use #steem and #steemit tags? Or...?


What about if you ARE a dog and you post photos of yourself on Steemit? Is it okay to use #steemit then?

What if you have a poignant thing to say about Steem, but you'd like to say it with a photo? I feel like you should be able to post to #steem.

Why is no one searching for my tag “highqualityshitpost”?

It can't be that simple. Nothing else is.


Seriously, look at this shit:
And that's better than average.


Just did, and I must admit I didn't realise it was that bad. I'll add it to my annoyances list.

Hahahaha thanks this made my day - now I will resteem and hope that people learn to use tags - learn steemit hoto usetags hahaha


Glad I made your day!

Keepup the great work of guidance, this will be helpful for newbies, who always have question mark towards tags because initially they are unaware of the pattern of tags and sometimes they lead into the spamming of tags. So these kind of posts will guide newbies towards correct usage of tags. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Stay Blessed.

Am I the only one who wants to see the Tag system updated? Currently there is no moderation for the tags. I would allow for moderated tags to compete with non-moderated tags. You need both moderated tags, and absolute freedom tags. A moderator, for example, could make a rule that any posts that uses a bot for an upvote is banned (banned from being seen on that tag only). I also want tags to remain that have absolutely no moderation (other than flagging). I want to see moderated tags compete against un-moderated tags so we have the best of both worlds and people can decide which tags they will use. If this feature is implemented on Steemit, I think most of the the problems will go away.

What about adding steem and steemit to every post also bitcoin and crypto currency ? I think that works too lel

  ·  2년 전

I noticed an increase in the number of posts for the cats category, this explains it all.

Two additions to make this post even more useful:

  • On the main page there is a questionable list of "important" tags. All the way down it says "View all tags..". This will give you a list of (all?) tags so you can choose what tags could be applicable for you.

headers versus tags

  • You can only have 5 tags. Keep in mind that a # with text (like #tag) creates an extra tag.
    If have seen people trying to insert a header (# header <- see the space???) and accidentally created a tag because they forgot the space!

Confusion, anger and frustration caused quite some posts to never make it to the end...

I don't think the Internet needs more photos of cats.

And if you are posting them, you should use #stupid because cats are stupid.

Damn shame you are leaving. Really loving your voice of the voiceless gimmick.

nice post.good job.