While The Markets Is Trying To Recover, Let's Have a Laugh!

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When you finally convinced your friend to
invest and he just lost everything

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.22.31.png

When you been hodling for 2 months and
finally sell and the prices doubles 5 minute later.

When you hear the word crypto in the public

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.26.40.png

When there are 6+ confirmations but you don't see your funds

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.28.44.png

When your friends congratulate you
for holding ETH but you sold when it was $200

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.04.07.png

How it feels to wake up every morning in 2018

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.32.02.png

When your transaction gets confirmed

And then he said "My mutual fund made 5% last year"

When you almost send crypto to the wrong address
and your life flashes before your eyes

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.42.34.png

Waiting for bitcoin confirmation like...

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.44.24.png

When your friends make fun of crypto and you laugh of them
but deep you still kinda scary

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.46.51.png

When you paid 10.000 BTC for a pizza in 2010

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.50.21.png

When you drive by work knowing quitting soon
because you holding crypto

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.54.04.png

When you been on steemit all night
and have a work meeting at 8am

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.56.02.png

When ETH hasn't moved for 3 months
so you sold it all for some shitcoin

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 01.58.13.png

When you made terrible trades
but still break even at the end of the day

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.02.25.png

When you wake up after the market dumped
and can't figure out what news you missed

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.06.19.png

When you check Blokfolio in the middle of the night
and night mode is disabled

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.11.35.png

When your friends tell you about a new coin
and you pretend to care about tech

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.19.52.png

When you trying to enjoy your crypto gains and
one of your boys reminds you about paying taxes

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.32.25.png

Me waiting for the next dip

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.36.29.png

When you buy before a big crash

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.39.11.png

When you wake up and immediately
check your Blockfolio

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 02.40.49.png

Can't even enjoy super bowl

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 12.13.03.png

When your Coinbase online support ticket
hasn't been resolved so you gotta serious

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 12.24.32.png

When someone who hated on crypto is asking you how to buy

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 12.31.51.png

When you're trying to figure out which coin
can make you millions over night

Skærmbillede 2018-02-05 kl. 12.35.47.png


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hahahaha these had me cracking up. the paying taxes one had me laughing, quite literally, on and off for 5m. Spreading that one far and wide.

Bravo sir.

heres mine:

when you read that crypto exchange hacks prove the technology is unproven

tribute to jamie dimon


I'm an alien artist from the cosmos who has just joined steemit. I create digital work using 3d software and other programmes, i just wrote an intro, appreciate support and welcome from the community. check the intro here


Do not sell or trade better to just hold and buy more on the dips.. Dollar cost average is the key


@blakemiles84, I found meme with Bentley and taxes fucking funny also. Made me fucking laugh uncontrollably.


I like the one about selling Ethereum for sh** coins, I know so many people that did it and regretted it! When Ethereum was $200-$300


@jfitmisc, I entered the market in november. We really have to make a meme about people entering the market in december and selling everything in January. Hilarious.

I did convince my friend to invest. Fortunately, said friend is a natural born holder.


Me too, he's been texting me price updates every 30 minutes freaking out though. Glad it's finally going up so he'll shut up. I guess I was the same when I just invested though, so I can't be too mad.


Once it stopped dropping below $3 i was ok. I think the panic is done. Expert opinion from a violinist. 😂


Yes long term is always the best way to look at it.

wow.These are my normal reactions now. The photos really match on text.


These are my exact reactions as well. The HODLers always come out on top. Always new noobs to make memes out of.

LOL I can relate to the 9th post down. When I was extremely new to Steemit and crypto I wanted to test out sending STEEM to a exchange and I accidentally sent STEEM to my SBD wallet address, I emailed the exchange and all that to realize that I messed up and it wasnt the exchanges fault that I was crypto-dum.


That's pretty much my worst nightmare. I get so careless now too, I used to be so careful with each one...


after that mistake I now double check every address and the MEMO that is required to send STEEM or SBD to your wallet!

Yep, same story here, the friends are laughing when they hhear about crypto and hard to believe that you can earn real money from it.

Well, from the profit of Altcoin we went to a city break. Check out my story and I hope you will find it funny. Have a great day!


Absolutely genius post :D loved the massive load of memes! Keep it up! "When your friends congratulate you for holding ETH but you sold at $200" - so very true...


That's why I never tell people when I buy or sell. If I lose, I don't want to hear it, if I win, I don't want people to know I have money.

beautiful memes!

I called The Bit Coin Bottom Great post if anyone wants to see some more of my work follow me and i will follow you Thanks )

Great post. Very funny stuff and very true at the same time!

Taking the crash into perspective, one can observe that the DOW went down over $1T in one day which is worth more than 3x the entire crypto market cap at its recent bottom. There is a lot of money out there is also and some recent good news coming out from the SEC crypto summit and other positive progress in a few crypto projects such as po.et makes me optimistic for the future. One thing I would like to see is more vetting of new coins coming into the space to prevent market saturation and scam coins; but I am doubtful that can happen in an unregulated market such as crypto.

Steem to the moon!

Good ones, way to bring some positive light into these dark times! Got my full UV and resteem :)


Thank you!


Nice one, keep posting please

So here I am watching this post for like the 100th time at my job and I'm laughing so hard, please keep posting haha,

Very fitting you gotta laugh because the University of trading and the markets which is now becoming mainstream is a huge pivot for the establishment anything... money is motivating millions to care about the way the markets work... pretty intense and right on time for the mythical financial reset or revert back to asset-backed trade ... laughs needed to maintain the balance right ..thanks for the post haha

I especially like the ETH one, made me lol so hard :D

  ·  2년 전

Too relevant

This is really funny. You buy right before the market crashes. That was me. Maybe next year I will laugh but right now I am just crying in my beer. You are truly funny though. Love your work.


Thank you!

Brutal! :D

All of them are good,
but this one just reminds me how I used to spend my coins:

When you paid 10.000 BTC for a pizza in 2010

I'm sure that that guy is doing well.
Does he know about Steemit?
But this time don't spend, POWER UP!


Yes, that one must hurt.


Is he famous? Can't be anonymous
Is he on Steemit? He could write the good story :)


I don't know who it is, i have just read the story which i think most of the people know :-)

Very good. They are funny because they are all true!

I'll choke down dog-food and live in a cardboard box on the street if it means some pain for the sociopaths in charge of this system.

Haha yeah right! Let's have some laugh.

Haha, you make me laugh amused...


Hahaha geez, good humour to make time until the next rally xD

  ·  2년 전

Awesome!! you are the master of memes!!


This really cracked me up. lol


Oh yeah!

I told my frown to hodl on buying until the cryptos all crashed. We are going to wait a bit more. Likely there will be another dip in value.

I cant stop laughing, best memes ever!

hahahaha soo funny

Oh my god, this post is hilarious! I cannot stop myself to laugh ;)

Pretty good, and I can relate to 99% of them!

Convinced three friends to buy at different times since October. Two of them are rumoured to be hunting for me.


What in the world did we do before the meme was invented... So many photos would have simply gone to waste.

Very good stuff!! I have found myself in many of these situations! Thanks for the laughs!


My pleasure

Real happening, it's true...

Ha some really true stuff there!

The face you make after making 500 bucks for one post on Steemit. walter-white-money-770x447.jpg

Every time ETH/BTC is droping down again...Thx for the lought c:


This post made my day. 😊



Oh my gosh, that kitten is so dang precious! We have Dogecoin, i'm surprised there is no MeowCoin.

Wow these are awesome! Worst part I can relate to most of these.

LOL. Just followed you @tradewonk. I really need this since market is recovering. I laugh a lot especially this one:



ha ha ha very funny lol @ruelx

Mr. Garrison taught me that Engelbert Humperdinck was the first person on the moon, so I bet Satoshi enjoyed a serenade when he arrived.

The face you make when you realized you wont be seeing anymore BitConnect or Davor commercials on Youtube!


Hahaha.. Hilarious. I hope you don't mind, i 'borrowed' a few.

Hahaha this made laugh out loud and then

when you sell everything and then quickly buy again so you don't miss out :)

When you drive by work knowing quitting soon
because you holding crypto


do you think if it's all real what are you gonna do? image

The memes in the crypto community are on point

I can relate to sooo many of these! ^_^

Hahaha... those meme are rock.

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Haha got my family on board last few months.. my younger cousins are constantly checking their blockfolios these last 2 weeks. This dip has shaken a lot of newbies in the market.

LMAO!!! the caption on these had me crying. I fucking love memes. Keep them coming.

what would you prefer which coin is better now days

Great post, really picked my mood up this morning.

Nice. A few good laughs in there.

Is the bearish market over ?


No one knows, but hopefully.

Good blog.helpful for we are:)

Upload more post friend

haha This is funny. .... all can reduce their stress..

Really feel this one! HODL!!!!

  ·  2년 전

This is so meDQmWhhmx86kmWWD9PyH9Po3NxnhpeT3W5XFVQq5ZBjFRzie_1680x8400.png


Yeah...In the 8th hour school if the teacher talks to you :D

Very funny! My favorite one is the guy walking off the train track bridge just because so many people invests without knowing what is behind the coin. Shitcoins are often bought cause people don't research.


Beginner mistake :-)

hello, very good.

just don;t check coinbase because at some point, these companies will need to adapt

The ETH one is my absolute fave! Tears rolling over here from laughing!

These are very nicely selected photos, I like photos with tears, and some photos with crying out loud.. we need to cry out loud sometimes to tell the world that things do not work well for me..

hahahahahaha...Right on spot XD

thanks for ease its quite comforting

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ha ha this was really very funny, made my day post lol

made me lol and earned a follower!

Ahahahah! Wait... Hahahah. I needed that. Those are great ones and I've seen a lot... "When ETH hasn't moved in 3 months and you sell it all for some shitcoin" Lolol... Dammit... Guilty.

This one reigns supreme with me....


Well, I should admit that this was crazy.

"I think you just became my personal hero!" :)
("American Beauty")

You are the best on post...the picture Verry funny...

Cant believe these guys have done this. lol funny site too

Moon lambos for all! check it out!


Patience is the key to winning.

That blockfolio at night is so me. Very entertaining post.

hahahaha his made me lol, it's relatable. Just upvoted you, hopre to hear from you

Absolutely genius post: D Love huge downloads of the memo! Keep it up! "When your friends congratulate you on holding the ith but you are sold in $200"-very very true...

Cool post, nice one.

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An excellent compilation to tide us over these lean times....

You are so funny man. You should be comedian-man :D

  ·  2년 전

I see myself most of these pictures and its so scary sometimes, like putting your salary on bitcoin for the first time, but one must experience these situations to learn and get use to it.

lol i needed this right before i start the work day, good job!!!!

yeah thanks. so funny. made my day)

Great Memes Bro :). You shouldn’t sell your cryptos, they are like gold( treated as a store of value). Keep that in mind


Thank you!

Some very funny points made, fair made me chuckle, resteemed!

  ·  2년 전

Gib taxes

the crazy market swing still does not have a reason yet right...

when you have lost 10 btc to bitcoin.com under games 99% proven returns my ass and next pump happens 2 weeks later in ETH@ 15 dollar and LTC @ $4 would be nice to know how my face would look then and now . :( great throw back to that time tho, recovering fast.

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oh great now we can be even more obsessed....JK!! Great idea - will you be adding an Apple version for the rest of us?? ;-)

Truly a good laugh! The various scenarios are actually playing out daily as the crypto market remains in a downtrend confusing state.

That is funny. Love it. Now I can laugh again...hahaha

"When your friends tell you about a new coin and you pretend to care about tech"


Now and then you need to make a joke about serious things well...

HAHAHHAHAH THe spongebob one. This had me dyinggg! hahahahha

interesting and funny postings with unique photos make me addicted to read through. oya .. in aceh they also again tell STEEM less stable its price

Loved this... can't stop laughing!

When you paid 10.000 BTC for a pizza in 2010

I still can't believe this xD poor guy, i wouldn't be able to live with the guilt

HAAA!!! Some of these are gold! So true that it hurts though...

Man this all is so truant hilarious!!

A couple of guys at my bar were talking about crypto earlier. I made the exact same face as that bird. I really want to ask "hey you guys have a steemit account" but I kept it to myself.


Just do it, we need some more steemians :-)

wow great post..your information is so great..thanks for share

Hahahaha. Too funny!

wow how much memo's ...
Fantastic memo @tradewonk

Digital crypto carrency is now down.please tell me about the future of Bitcoin upcoming price???? @tradewonk

Why are these so painfully relatable???

Funny I had to laugh at everyone of them. Kudos

Hilarious. Live this...
"Me waiting for the next dip"
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing

Funny but true! Hopefully no one here invested more than they could afford to lose!

lol...this was so entertaining...i loved it!

Wow, this is so funny but true

These are so funny cause there true XD. I convinced my friend and then the market crashed the next day, luckily he's still a believer in it but made me feel a bit bad. Just a good lesson in HODL lol

At some point the text got so generic I lost track what picture goes with what text. Less quantity more quality.

hahahhahahah my stomach to the pain when laughing

YO!!!!! You Killed Me!!!! I'm the cat checking blockfolio at the crack of dawn!!! LMFAO great post to lift spirits or at least classify each type of Crypto Investor. 2 Thumbs up !!!

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This is just hilarious, i laughed so hard! Thank you for this, totally made my day. @tradewonk

it's all funny .. but for something I can't laugh! ; )

i will help him bzc i love my friend.

This is all fugazi

Hahahaha that was priceless... thanks for the laughs

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Crypto will always be a funny and serious subject at the same time...
In a couple of decades we'll talk about this time with our grand kids

I read these twice. Very amusing.

haha funny guy, just followed you ;)

This memes are so funny, make my week.

So this is what the Steemit community finds value in? Someone takes the work of other people found via Google Images and posts them as cryptocurrency memes and gets thousands of views, hundreds of upvotes and profits from it as well? No one sees how this is problematic?

Before I get attacked left and right, I'm not trying to sling hate at the author. This is a criticism of the community and where Steemit is headed. With all of the misuse of bots and a general lack of understanding on intellectual property and profiting from it, I find this a complete disaster at the moment.

Man don't you know could have turned that into at least 20 - 30 posts ;}P


That's true :-D

market by its nature is very unpredictable. the crash came with a blow. wish I would have known that earlier. invested all my savings.....

Lol great memes xD

Haha. These are like machine gun bullets flying out at you. Cracked me up!

When haces tus memes en steemit xd

@tradewonk Bruh, im dead! lol Keep them coming lol

Absolutely genius post @tradewonk absolutely funny. i tried convincing a lot of people but it was like they foresaw this.

jajajajaja genial hermano !!

Thanks for the informations. Really a very helpful post

Aint this story of our lives :D

Hah, this is great.

I ended up investing in BTC right before a crash, kindof freaked out there for a little bit.

esto es a lo que llaman ahora momos?

Hahaha this is so awesome

Lol.. These are fun times :D

Damn you Coinbase! Lost my deposit 2 months ago. 😒

Loved this! Made my day!

Thats such an amazing post... made my day.

This is a funny and very ceative piece. Honestly I believe it's a good time to buy what do you all think ?


I agree, it is!

LOL nice job ;) HODL

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This is so funny hahaha

Laughed out loud at most of these... so True.. Here's another one...

When your mom tells you she started watching crypto day trading youtube vids and you know a crash is coming.

haha lol nice and funny photos :D I believe that the values will rise, my friend. I still have hope


Sure it will.


yes thanks :)

Bwahahaha! Awesome!

These memes are great! Congratulations bro, nice work! I made some memes of my own, you can all check them out at @chrismartinez

Thank you for my uplift for the hour. Great work

Hahaha that's so funny


That was so funny. Thank you

And when I told my friend to invest... She was scared like hell but now she is the one enjoying..

I find this interesting


Good job
Upvote me please

haha this is good. no sleep. ever.

  ·  2년 전

Muy divertidos los memes! hay que cargarse de paciencia, hay subidas y bajadas.

hahaha good stress reliever for the past red weeks thanks.

Guys join Aethia its about to take off in 2 days and will be worth some money as soon as it does!

Omg- That was hilarious! My favorite is the sea gull out in public when someone says crypto.
I needed this laugh!
Thank you!

This is HILAAAARIOUS!!! You captured exactly how I feel!

Great memes, a bit of humor that surely lightens up all the FUD that has run amok!

Hey buddy that was awesome

lol...the darkside of investing

These are all hilarious! Very true, I've seen many of these scenarios in my life!

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 7.52.26 PM.png

When you threw away your drive holding your original mining wallet from 2010 when you could mine tens of bitcoins on CPU power alone but now its 2018

Thanks for the good laugh @tradewonk :)

hahahahahah..I can't stop laughing..

Life is about taking risk and chance either its going your way or not, at least we tried. Better something than nothing.

Now that's funny! Well done Sir! I bet you had alot of fun with this post, I sure did!

These are hilarious!

As a newcomer to all of this I really relate with some of these. Good way to lighten the mood and keep the faith haha

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haahahahaahahahaaha awesome!

Dear boss.You learned a lot about this so successfully managed reach the top. I'm brand new.
Please help me

I agreed with you

Bu kadar içeriği bir arada bulundur muşsun ya helal olsun :D:D:D:D

loooooool, crazy! absolutely crazy! my ribs are about cracking up to the smallest bits right about now.

Original and authentic.

Nice work :)


Thank you!