How I found A Get Rich Quick Scheme On Steemit !

4년 전


So I got this message on steemit chat today.


5:57 PM
Tired of low post earnings? You dont have followers?
You want to save your time? Dont give up!
I offer a startup package for people with less than 500 followers.
I will boost your steemit account to 1000 followers in one week.
The price is $150. You pay $75 at the start and another $75 when you get your account with 1k followers back.
Thanks for reading, payments are made via paypal so you can charge your money back if you dont get what you paid for.
Hit me up if you're interested!

I have been a fool all these days posting original content, building community, making friends and all those other stupid things.

When all I really needed is this "Get Famous In A Week” scheme. I suddenly realize a clear path my dreams now will become true soon.

All I need to do is fill my paypal account with 150 $ and send it to a unknown person who has promised to help me. And you know he or she might be a genuine person if it is accepting payments via Paypal.

Also I don't even need to send 150 $ first I can just send 75$ now and send the rest 75$ once I get famous how considerate of him to get me easy payment options.

I wonder if this scheme is the reason why 1000s of people follow steemers like @papapeppers | @roelandp | @kaylinart | @good-karma | @craig-grant | @firepower |@timsaid

Finally my days of working hard on steemit is finally over, I can just pay and enjoy the fruits of steemit.

Now the question is can somebody lend me 75 dollars ? I will give back once I am rich and famous unlike my fellow steemers. I accept paypal, Credit and debit cards.

And finally I would like to thank the person who posted this amazing scheme to me on Chat, Hope he helps you too, until then bye-bye suckers ... I am going to the money train :)

P.S - Don't be stupid, don't get scammed, There is never a Get Rich Quick Scheme, Work Hard :)

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Wow the cojones on that dude. Steemit is probably one of the last places you would be able to get away with one of these schemes, but it's good to have other folks looking out for those that may have been enticed by these ridiculous offerings.


Yes .... Steem chat is a perfect place for these kind of people to hide in plain sight .. and know doubt he won't be able to execute crap like that on steeemit ..

LOL well done. that deserves an upvote.

  ·  4년 전

with your help if I reach 500$ payout i will pay you 150$ deal done


Yeah we all can be rich :P

follow and resteem and upvoted anyone else that follow I be sure to follow back peace


thanks buddy ! what would be the sharing ratio....


:P I have to figure that out still

Lmao very entertaining, thanks for sharing.... some peoples kids. . Lll


ha ha ha .... I hope nobody fell for it :P

Haha, how about I lend you the $75 at 20% per week OR 5% of your upvote income in perpetuity. That may sound high, but with your new 1,000 follower account you'll be able to pay me back easily!


I hope to get friends discount thou :P


All right. $75 at 75% per month OR 4.75% of upvote in perpetuity. Ain't friendship great?


Yeah ... Together we can and we will be rich :P

hahahah! this is a nice read. I really thought you were going to give in to that type of scheme. lol


ha ha ... I am glad I could make you smile :)

This was funny! Gotta hustle and grind to earn what's yours!


Yeah .. Get rich or die trying :)

Why not buy 10000 followers, maybe you can ask for a discount ;-)


ha ha .... Yeah and if both you and me join together we might get a bring your buddy discount too :P

That was too funny. Unfortunately what isn't funny is that many will fall for it. Brings to mind the old adage " A fool and his money are soon parted".


" A fool and his money are soon parted".
Exactly ... Even if a single person falls for it would be really sad

Oh! Some people like to take advantage of the naivety of others. I hope nobody falls into this trap. As you wisely said, the important here is to make friends and original new content :D


Totally true. And thats why am gonna follow you


Thank you. I'll check your blog :)


Darn ... I thought we both can join the program together and get discount on your joining fees :P

I'm game. I think we can start pooling funds and we will get to the $75 in no time. Get rich quick is the only way to play this Steemit game!

Or, we just continue to be who we are and grow like normal Steemians .. I mean, I guess that's always an option ..

I enjoyed your sarcasm :)
I'm going to have some time next week to work out some of my Spam Account analysis, maybe these people will pop up in various comments around the community, too!


yeah why work hard and be a fool when you can spend 150 $ and be cool ....
With your help we can buy 3-4 subscriptions to this plan :P


At the low price of only $0.60 per day, you could be a savior to your new 1k followers.. Call now and sign up for this special introductory offer. Space is limited, so hurry and call now!

Can't believe people fall for this BS


yeah ... That is sad ... But it is true that some people fall for it

I got this message as well, didn't really look into it. So used do you get with these things from other social media sites ;-)

If they would link directly to the useraccount we could start a downvoting action and run him out of steemit.


The bad thing is you can create a totally unrelated account on

Haha ! I love your post ! They are just so ennoying theses people popping up on the chat !
And as you said

There is never a Get Rich Quick Scheme, Work Hard

Working hard.... it seems like nobody remember it whit the Internet money :-(