I Always Wanted To Coin A Word, Help Me Spread One Of These

3년 전

Hey people of steemit,

So this is pretty random but I always wanted to make up a word and have it spread. To see people use it in comments and in person and know that I was the one that came up with it. Below is a list of some words that relate to the blockchain and cryptocurrency. They are the future so maybe this is my time to get a new word in. If you like any of them please spread them in your posts and comments and let people know it was coined by @whatageek

chainrain: Something on the blockchain that goes viral.

bluck: when you put something on the blockchain you wish you hadn't.

ICno: An ico you think it a scam that you will not invest in.

dumpdumpster: some one who waits for a price of a coin to drop so he can pick it up cheap.

There will be more :p


*my upvotes/rep disclaimer: https://steemit.com/steemit/@whatageek/my-steemit-account-where-i-stand-on-bots-self-votes-and-multiple-account

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How about - That Coin is going to "BURST"

(FN-HA,HA) See it relates to the ruinous effect Some FAT man in Canada had on a specific crypt0-currency.

BurstCoin has busted and it will take all holders down the poop-chute.

I see alot of the Fired Developers here on Steemit now.

Man I just blucked up this comment. Maybe it wont go chainrain. I like blucked best!

I've got one too. But I'll wait to see if it's posted.

My vote is also for bluck. Lol! Then, it'll be WTB!

When a someone gets an immense amount of tips: I make it chainrain!

I like these names!! well.. espeically Bluck!! you won't believe how times I bluked and regretted it afterward!!

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Great stuff