Stupid Questions 215

2개월 전

American actress Amanda Seyfried, “Tribbing”, “Edge Play” and “Figging” are not really mentioned all that much in this particular edition of the “Stupid Questions” series. Nothing here but more stupid questions. Here they are, boys and girls:

Is it true that BLM really stands for “Black Licorice Matters”?

What does parsley and pubic hair have in common?
(In both cases, you push it aside and keep on eating…)

Is it true that your momma is so ugly the world invented the Corona Virus to make her wear a mask?

Is it true that it takes -1 Black people to start a riot?

What do you call a Chinese man's pubic hair?
(His low- mane)

What part of the word “illegal” do some people STILL not get? (En Espanol: Que parte “illegal” no lo entiendes?)

Have you guys ever had a “34.5”?
(It’s like “69” but the gal does all the work.)

Did you know you can tell just how much a gal likes you by her feet?
(If her feet are behind her ears, she really, really likes you.)

Is it true that it would be easier to get public hair out of your teeth if it glowed in the dark?

What color is the sound of a dog barking?
(Green or bright green)

How do women get rid of unwanted pubic hair?
They spit it out.


your place?)

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