Your Future In A Dream - Would You Want To Hear It?


A friend of mine has recently shared that he is dreaming about the future often times, that he has access to his intuition in his dreams that is of a different magnitude than during waking hours. Often these dreams have been warnings to him, warnings about where it is he would be going with his passions if he didn't hit the brakes. As in: You ride your motorcycle like a maniac, one of these days you won't be as lucky as the last few times you got into an accident and came out with a bruise.

He had learnt to not only recognize the emphasis and weight of these dreams but he has also adhered to their advice... and has never regretted it.

Dreams for him carry a significance that can deliver important information if he chooses to listen.

The thing is: Yesterday he has shared with me and my lady that he has been dreaming about us a few days ago. About our path and our future.

We were thrilled! But, being the shaman that he is, he quickly stopped himself before telling us any details for the potential downside of "turning us on the wrong path by accident."

"If I tell you and it isn't what you really should be doing you might stray from where it is you need to go, so it really is up to you if I tell you or not." He smiled at us: "But I know something."

My girl and I looked at each other, both highly valuing his cautionary remark and weighing the prospect of possibly glimpsing our Earthly future, or at least a specific intimate prophecy of sorts. Or to choose not to.

We opted to not dive into it yesterday night, letting it rest for a bit and sleeping it over.

Today we have come back to weighing our stance and we figure: Might as well hear it. Ahahaha.

There is the potential that it will make things complicated but since we highly value our own intuition in our lives and since we recognize the universe's "feedback" to our moving on the Earthly plane we would take his vision as just another hint along the way to where it is we are going. Possibly a weighty hint.

We'll ask tonight:
"Hey, we're ready. Tell us your vision. Really curious to hear it!"

Will we dig it? Will we dread it? Will we be able to keep our involvement with the vision at bay or will we loose our heads and become slaves to a prophecy that might have never turned true until we started moving towards it?

I just can't believe how exciting these times are, ahahahhaha! We are perpetually thrilled in 2020, in all sorts of ways.

What about you:
If you had the option to hear about a potential vision from a friend involving you and your partner in the immediate future on your crazy vanlife path traveling foreign countries - would you want to hear it?


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