Contingency Plan for the HIVE Launch



With the upcoming launch of the HIVE network (new STEEM fork to get rid of Justin Sun) a bunch of thought was given to if would continue to operate or close it's doors. Luckily for the users and investors of the site it was decided to continue supporting the site for another year rather than close its doors. Recently renewed the TLD for the site and didn't want to waste the money used renewing it. will continue to operate for the next year, unsure about running it after that.
Initially was going to shut the site down to not support STEEM, decided against it though.

With that being said, a new site catering to the new HIVE blockchain will be launched by the end of the month, using the same betting and investing engine as SR.. But rebranded as

Due to the nature of this fork we'll likely see and airdrop of HIVE tokens to the steem-rollerd account mirroring what the amount of STEEM is in the account when the snapshot happens on March 20th, 2020. It has been decided that rather than embezzle the airdropped HIVE to the steem-rollerd account, that balances and accounts of the current site be copied over to the new site which should be up by the end of the month. The state of the site will be backed up / snapshot some time on March 20th, 2020 and when the new sister site goes live your investments, balances and stats will be transferred over to the new site. Figured this was the fairest way to do things and best for users.


The new site will be launched around the end of the month (hopefully) under the new TLD of It will be nearly an exact clone of the current site, but perhaps with a modified colour scheme and replacement of STEEM logos with HIVE logos, and all mentions of STEEM replaced with HIVE. Some other improvements will likely be present, mirroring the unreleased SR v0.7.4 that has been behind schedule on release, mainly due to the prior uncertainty of the future of STEEM.

On top of porting over users accounts, investments and balances some modifications will have to be done in terms of waiting for the "Steem Keychain" (SKC) browser extension to be ported over to HIVE. With that being said users that previously used SKC to login may need their passwords reset to something text based until the point in time that the HIVE version of SKC can be implemented onto the site.

Out of the gates assuming that is up and online between the 20th and 31st of this month it is highly likely it will be one of the first and perhaps only provably fair dice games and investment vehicles on the HIVE blockchain. Quite excited for this and also excited to ensure that folks that have funds in their accounts will get their airdrop of HIVE as well. Briefly had considered taking the HIVE airdrop to the steem-rollerd for myself and starting everyone at zero again, launching a fresh site with all balances, investments and stats reset, but after thinking about it for a while realized that the ethics of that weren't aligned with who I am as a person and thus any HIVE airdropped into the steem-rollerd account on the new chain would be better off being properly distributed to their rightful owners.

Your STEEM and future HIVE funds are safe on and it's future sister site While I'm sure some people running services will take advantage of this fork in order to pad their own pockets with HIVE intended for users that isn't how I roll personally and will be encouraging other developers to ensure that their users get what is rightfully theirs on the new HIVE blockcain.

The site isn't running yet, however is still running strong currently while running v0.7.4. Feel free to come check out the site and come say high in the chat.


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