Monday is Game Day: The Empire Sends Another Fleet

2년 전

Monday is when the events that unfold in everyone's colonies are reported.

You collect your SBD and STEEM rewards everyday, but what is happening in the background? What are your colonists selling? Did anyone make the first contact?

This and other questions are going to be answered tomorrow.

What is also going to happen tomorrow is an arrival!

A second fleet is going to dock at the Imperial Outpost, and Ambassador Crane is going to meet the fresh colonists.

The colonists already there have started building their colonies... how will they look so far?

We'll find out...

The Empire Sends its 2nd Fleet to the New World:

Emperor @spiritualmax already stamped the permits and shipped more colonists to the New World.

Additionally, he sent more supplies are workers to the Imperial Outpost to support the endeavor.

He is hoping these new colonists ally with the Empire and make a colonial powerhouse in that new continent, as to expand the influence of the Crypto Empire.

Having said that, he watches the ships leave and heads on to his barracks where a fresh new army is training... just in case a colony oversees becomes too powerful for his taste.

In the New World...

Tax Collector @eonwarped is keeping tabs on the Imperial Outpost's supplies and workers.

The new shipment will come in handy!

He is preparing the Outpost's fortifications in case the natives get too aggressive, and Ambassador Crane is making his rounds ensuring there's gap in the moat or weaknesses on the Watch Tower.

Everything is looking great as the Imperial Presence is cemented in the New World...

With the Imperial Outpost and the dozens of new colonies, things are starting to look up.

Now, one of the two local tribes is cannibalistic, will they be watching us as cattle on a barn?

Who knows...


Images are Screenshots from Tyranny

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Cannibal tribes? Well, I am probably going to get eaten...