The moments going wildly excited on the My game life(2)

4년 전

It writes to the future story with the before series.   

Tetris, Leiden : 

The Tetris For the first time I saw in 1989. Who lived next to the brother was very interesting that this game. I would play. I also go check thevp video arcade under the temptation big difference between actually done with, but it seems. Is clearly show that other game.L eiden, iscream on my way home after an academy Leiden where every game feels we did when washing.Only pleasure, memory. But it was not The excitement of Rembrandt attended Leiden, I bought a 360 x recently.

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Prince of Persia :    

smooth motion. Realistic sound like What are you talking about will know. A natural story Equipped with all three factors.

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Dune 2 : 

it was a shock. Real-time strategy game that should take two.Of course, catch the thief live game. Ha to suffering strategy. The Three Kingdoms  is strategy game. But it is not real time. In real time the strategies and techtree I strategically and make it possible to do the attack and defense with each other by techtree.Taught her. Since then, tactically complex video games are mass production.

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Street Fighter :   

It was a shock. This, Simple hands and feet or the game is a lot, but defeat the enemy by using the weapons.Street Fighter attack and defense as a martial arts is actually.Was it is not the first to show a realistic action games.

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