Lost Ark Emojis #1 & [event for free account giveaway]

2년 전

It's hackerzizon AKA ABC
I think it's been a long day didn't write down post in steemit!
Sorry for it haha ^,^

Today going to share Lost Ark Emoji works here :) actually going to make more so I put #1 at title ^^
Okay, let me introduce Lost Ark emojis directly!
(Emojis available on discord and twitch(limited yet cause i have lack of subscribers to unlock emoji slots.)

Warrior Smile(28x28,56x56,112x112)
워리어 웃음 28x28 .png워리어 웃음 56x56 .png워리어 웃음 112x112 .png

Magician Smile(28x28,56x56,112x112)
서머너 웃음 28x28.png서머너 웃음 56x56.png서머너 웃음 112x112.png

Fighter Smile(28x28,56x56,112x112)
애니츠 미소 28x28.png애니츠 미소 56x56.png애니츠 미소 112x112.png

Hawkeye serious(28x28,56x56,112x112)
홐홐 눈감 28x28.png홐홐 눈감 56x56.png홐홐 눈감 112x112.png

Hawkeye wink
hawkhawk 256kb.gif

hawkhawk watermark.gif

Warrior Kiss
kiss 256kb.gif

kiss water.gif

Magician Wuah
wuah 256kb.gif


If you guys have fun or special expression or should be made emojis tell me ^^

About the free account since I've provided accounts 6 times.
when those people quit the game i turned back and gave to new people.
you can also request me :)
check this out

I do streaming on Twitch and Youtube.
Always welcome ~ prefer talk with people.

Lost Ark streaming image 하단.jpg

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#hackerzizon For how long you have been playing this game?. Players are awesome with many gadgets...


from OBT november 7th :) so, about 3month.

  ·  2년 전

I would like to apply going to watch your streaming also
I watched Lost Ark videos at Youtube. That is so great !

Do you planning to strean at Vimm tv?

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what is Vimm tv? let me search about it

It looks like the game is very interesting to play

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It is considered as final RPG in the Korea. 7 years developed.

Great this game seems amazing and entertaining to play


So a lot :) they spent 1000m dollar and 7years developing.

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