Transporter II & III: faster, bigger and better

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NextColony Explorer III

Our engineers have been working hard to deliver improved versions of the Transporter. We are proud to present two new Transporters.

These are the new Transporters...

Transporter II
Speed (coordinate points per hour): 8
Storage capacity: 400

Transporter III
Speed (coordinate points per hour): 3
Storage capacity: 1200

The focus of the Transporter II (C-T02) is on speed. The Transporter II is the successor of the small and slow Transporter I. This Transporter has an enormous speed and is therefore particularly suitable for long distances or when a speedy delivery is needed. The Transporter II also features a larger loading capacity than the original Transporter I. The Transporter II blueprint is now available in the shop.

The focus of the Transporter III is on capacity. The Transporter III is the largest transporter and has an enormous loading capacity. Transporter III cannot be bought - but they can be earned.

Does this mean that the Transporter I is now useless? Not at all. Its focus is mainly on defense, which makes it much more resilient to attacks than the newer versions.

We have also adapted the transport mission. From now on you can use all ships in transport missions and thus send considerably larger amounts of resources.

Giveaway: Would you like to earn a Transporter III blueprint? Just write a creative comment below this post and resteem this post. All blueprints will be distributed after the payout of this post. This promotion ends in 7 days.

Stay tuned.

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In my opinion, my planet formation assumes the constellation of the
unicorn constellation. And that deserves a Transporter III 🚀
Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-20 um 08.52.51.png

Attention, Attention:

Long did the human race research on a method to move resources around the galaxy in a faster way. In the height of the arms rush between the various planets and alliances, the galactic scientists published the highly anticipated plans for the Transporter II on the galactic market. With an incredible speed of 8 parsec, it immediately became the fastest ship in the galaxy. Production all around the galaxy is running hot, to increase the trading speed and serve the massive demand of the planets.

Rumors are going around that the galactic scientists have discovered some even larger transporter ship classes during their research. The word is about gigantic storage capacity for moderate speed. However, no information is known about how to get hands on these plans, other than the black market. It could be dangerous to deal there and is highly advised against from the galactic counsel.

A creative comment, let's see:

Twas the night before Next Colony released,
and all through the galaxy,
not a creature was stirring, except U planet bidders.
The bots were all ready, by the server with care,
in hopes that bid sniping soon would be there.

The devs were nestled all snug at their stations,
while visions of Steem danced in their heads.
And Oli in his ship, and I in mine,
had just settled our brains for a long intense auction.
When out in space there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my console to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Tore open the airlock, and threw up the sun screen.

The starlight on the breast of the cold metal ship,
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below;
When, what to my wondering sensors should appear,
But a mighty Dreadnought, and eight tiny escorts,
With a scary old pilot, so lively and rich,
I knew in a moment it must be nextgencrypto.

More rapid than Cruisers his Frigates they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
“Now! Bot1, now! Bot2, now! Bot3, and Bot4,
“On! Bot5, on! Bot6, on! Bot7 and Bot8;
“To the top of the auction! Place the highest bid well!
“Now dash away! dash away! dash away all!”

As outgunned Transporters before the wild Corvettes fly,
When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
So up to the auction the escorts they flew,
With a bag full of Steem - and nextgencrypto too:

And then in a twinkling, alarms blared in my ship,
The bids and fast action of each little bot.
As I stared in horror, and was slamming my console,
To the top of the bidding nextgencrypto came with a bound:

He was on top of all bids, quite clearly in command,
And his bots were too fast, leaving me to gasp;
A bundle of Steem was flung on his back,
And he looked like a whale just opening his account:

His bids - how they twinkled! His planets how merry,
His Frigates were like gumdrops, his Dreadnought like a cherry;
His droll massive bids were way high to overcome,
And the hull of his ship was as bright as the sun;
The early advantage he held tight in his grip,
And the Steem it encircled his fleet like a wreath.

He had huge resources, and a big fearsome account,
That drained when he bid, like a bowl full of water:
He was clever and quick, a right jolly party crasher,
And I cried when I saw him in spite of myself;

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
soon gave me to know I had everything to dread.
He spoke gloating words, and went straight to his work,
and took all the planets; then turned with a jerk,

And laying his Frigates aside of his Dreadnought,
And giving a nod, back into hyperspace he rose.
The auction was closed, to his account went the winnings,
And away his fleet flew, leaving stunned silence in its wake:

But I heard him exclaim, ere he went out of sight-
Enjoy Next Colony all, and to all a good fight!

Hope you guys liked my poem, can't wait to try out a Transporter III! Oh, and I resteemed as per request.


Damn! It's great, love it!


Transporter III?? You deserve a Explorer III with 20% chance to find legendary planet!

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Hi people, i have soo many and big players around me, so without this transporter 3 i have never a chance to help for the world wonder, because i am to fare from legendary planet. So it would be very smart if i could get one, thank you Deffs. otherwise i get LOST in space...

hmm.. creative... how can a economics centered gamer be creative? hmm.. I need this blue print.. so...
art work? lyrics?

hmm.. or better write some ideas of how this games could develop in the near future? this is probably better...
.. so here we are...
atm we have different small and bigger fractions, smaller and bigger singel players and some inactive players...
so first of all there should be an event like a big asteroid storm bombarding the whole system and who ever has not built a interplanetary anti asteroids defense system will loose the planet by a catastrophic asteroid impact... the planet will disperse in the universe or just the base is destroyed and it can be conquered by an explorer mission... and the inactive player taken out of the equation... if he or she comes back months later he/she can start from scratch again...

secondly looking a bit on eve.. it would make sense to be able to built huge space stations where fractions could set their center of defense, trade and storage... but those space stations should be pretty expensive to be built, have strong armor but are still not invincible..

jump gates: maybe it makes sense to have jump gates - naturally occurring ones and ones that can be built where you can jump from one side of the galaxy to the other in little time..

quests: there should be quests that can be performed by single players and other quests that can only performed by huge coalitions of players...
like a alien race threatening our universe with a new kind of space ship technology...

and finally there should be some technical development options be possible with the research center...

My girlfriend only let me play this game under the assumption that I am successful. Now comes such a great transporter 3 and I get no blueprint, you know what awaits me at home? I'm beaten by my girlfriend, there will be no tortelloni 7 weeks more, but the worst is yet to come, she wants to deny me sex if I do not get a transporter 3 blueprint.

Do you really want that, that I never have sex anymore?

post resteemed

  ·  3년 전

Ok, so my idea was to show you how new Transporter III will look like in pure html code:


This is cool! (:

I also need a T3 blueprint, I promise that I will fix a bug in return!

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Thing is, you can also add a bug 😎😬

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I can’t wait to see brand-new ships!!
It makes me dizzy.:)

a creative comment

  • Very creative, much wow


Sorry for my silly joke lol
I'm happy to share this awesome giveaway news.
Every planet deserves at least a single chest since it boosts mine upgrades, imo. Hope it will bring devs good amount of coffee and doughnuts! ^^

Across the Universe - Nextcolony!
Cheers :)

is working hard to find a way to satisfy user's needs ,
I reckon. :)

Here is my recommendation which suitable for Nextcolony.
(No one puts music in comment section yet, so I do. :))

Thank you for giving away T3.
Much appreciated.

Have a nice day! :)

These are big improvements on the Transporter I which I didnt even bother with.
I’m still not sure whether large number of corvettes isn’t a better transport option. Capacity can be easily adjusted for smaller runs.

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What is really a creative comment? Is a creative comment a comment where someone makes a NC fan fiction? Everyone does thi, so is this really creative? Is a comment with 1000 random signes creative, just because it is something noone else thought about? Or is this comment where we talk about creative comments creative, because it lets you think about a topic?

With the launch of the Transporter3, sales of Chest will be reduced. It's great to make something like this. From now on, if I find a new planet, I won't even use the 10 steem. Are u OK?


The chests are getting less and less important, and that's okay, yeah.

The asymmetrically shaped front looks like an art nouveau (Jugendstil) sculpture. Anyway, I can't wait to own them to deliver shitloads of Milka Chocolade through space.

Great update! Something like this was badly needed for the incoming demand with player to player resource trading. I'm very excited to see how this develops into the game economy. Not to mention, funding your own expansions with resources from other planets in your holdings. Happy to see these new releases from the stellar team!

My contest submission below, a bit of lore about the Transporter III

Transporter III : Originally engineered by the ancient people of Atlantis it resembles a Barracuda or Snook (fish) as the original design was meant for aquatic conditions. These ancient blueprints were later re-engineered to travel the depths of space rather than oceans. These ships are known for their large capacity but weekend defenses. Some pirate raiders affectionately refer to these as the "Purple People Eaters" (hence where the color comes from) as their larger capacity is preferred in the human slave trade. Some ruthless pirates have even modified the propulsion turbines to run off of human remains.

You said TIII can only be earned. How do we earn them once this competition is over?


Monthly season, in the galaxy, in quests, in bounties, and so on...


Thanks for the quick response.


Monthly season, in
The galaxy, in quests, in
Bounties, and so on...

                 - oliverschmid

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey there,

Here is my entry for both this contest and the NextColony contest being run by SteemAce. Hope you don't mind sharing either. :)

Many questions had gone through Mouse's head that day: Waffles for breakfast, or eggs? How to get the smeared eyeliner off her nose? How the hell did she end up with last nights' eyeliner on her nose? All the regular things that accompany spacer life, or girl life, or whatever. But that this precise moment, the most important question of her ENTIRE life was:


Courtesy of Jhonathan Flore.

The day had gone as expected, that is, most of the plan had gone out the window upon first contact with security. Jessica had handled the situation in her standard manner, by launching into a venomous tirade against the wait-staff in the space-elevator cafeteria, long enough for Mouse to access the maintenance elevator shaft in the kitchen to get past the checkpoints.

After dropping by the officer's galley to pick up the anti-radiation/thermal websuit and supplies that Gino had secreted there, hauling all that crap into the ventilation system, activating her modified O2 rebreather-helm, fighting with the goddamn chem-sniffer so it would lead her toward the spaceport rather than the waste-treatment plant like last time; and ending up having to take a half-kilometer detour around a blocked duct on her HANDS AND KNEES, she finally made it to the shipyard.

Olaf didn't pay her enough for this shit.

She squirmed around in the duct long enough to get into the mechanic's coveralls, slung the "lunch-bag" with the rebreather tank and glide-chute over her shoulders and left the rest behind. And if Olaf tried to take it out of her bonus, god help that overblown jackass.

The shipyard itself was surprisingly clean. This space-elevator wasn't exactly top of the line, probably 600 years old, from the look of it. It must have been acquired and renovated sometime in the last 5 years though, because the shrieker-mold in the vents was relatively undeveloped. That had been a plus. Then came the "hard" part, getting across the shipyard to that fancy new transport. It really wasn't that difficult for someone who looked like they knew what they were doing, and she did. Getting relegated to the engine-pool back in Academy had broken her heart, but she got over it, learned the trade, then skipped out when opportunity came knocking.

Down the main central chassis, past the reactor-blocks, and finally.. FINALLY to the site overseer's portable. Probably the goofiest thing about these portables was how insecure they were. A padlock? Really?

Considering the value of the schematics that were laying on the desk inside, they should have had armed guards posted at the door. But they never did. She wasn't complaining, it was just kinda disappointing that people always thought things like blueprints were secure from folks like her. Oh well... Rinse, Repeat.

She took extra care placing the forgeries on the desk, because Olaf wanted them to go a few days before realizing something was up. On that, at least, he was smart. She went ahead and raided the overseers fridge for iced-coffee and a sandwich, because she'd been going for about 16 hours without a break. Cracking the safe, she grabbed some cash and other files, dropped some propaganda pamphlets to make it look like a break-in by those Earthseeker weirdos, then stashed the coveralls in the trash.

A couple more breaths of the sweet conditioned air, and she was onto the easy part. As easy as falling off a log. A log thirty kilometers from the ground. She waited til she saw a clean line, took off running like a maniac toward the breach, picked up enough speed for a solid exit, and then she was in the atmosphere, just as the alarm system started blaring in the shipyard, getting farther and farther away as she plunged toward terminal velocity.

The acronym HALO for these High-Altitude-Low-Opening jumps wasn't wasted on anybody. If something went wrong, you were gonna be getting a halo all your own. Now all she had to do was wait til the buzzer, deploy the chute, and the ground team would ferry her to a safe-house. Rinse-repeat. The worlds were always pretty from this height.

And then the ripcord came off in her hand...

Olaf didn't pay her enough for this shit

Checked how much time each transporter needs to travel opposite corners of the observable universe

  • side is 1080 tiles

  • diagonal 1527.35 tiles

TI needs 763.5 h > 32 days

TII needs 190.875 h > 8 days

TIII needs 509 h > 21 days

Despite my newest NextColony soundtrack piece being called Lone Explorer, I had to cheat and use the sick new purple skinned T3 transport for the album cover (

That being said, this beastly transport (and ingenious PR release) deserves its own track so that will hopefully be my next inspiration!

Was soll ich mit dem T2 (VW), ich nehm' lieber den T3.

Hi, I am just starting with game and the whole blockchain thing so not have much to say. Still learning what to do. But so far liking it and hope to stay longer. Such rewards will help for sure.

Eintrag ins Logbuch. Sol489 _ Helius Alpha x2-Golgotas a4

Wir haben in der Entfernung von 300.000 Kilometern ein fremdes Schiff erfasst. Laut der Teilchen Dynamik Auswertung, hat es sich schon seit Ewigkeiten nicht mehr bewegt.
Der Tiefenscan hat merkwürdige Ergebnisse geliefert. Scheinbar ist ein Teil dieses Schiffes Biologisch. Man könnte vielleicht sogar sagen daß es zum Teil lebendig ist.

Nach einer gründlichen Analyse, gehen wir davon aus, das dieses Schiff als Transporter genutzt wurde.

Selbst der große Transporter C-T02 welcher unsere Flotte begleitet, verfügt nicht über solch eine hoche Lgerkapazität.
Unser Engineer geht von 1200 UE aus!

Wenn wir es schaffen die Baupläne dieses Schiffs zu bergen, könnte unsere Nation deutlich davon profitieren. Scheiße, Vermutlich wird jedes einzelne Crewmitglied mit einer Ehrenmedaille ausgezeichnet und könnte den Rest ihres Lebens in Elysium Delta-Z verbringen.

Welch schöner Gedanke. Nach all der Dunkelheit... ist allerdings nörtig, das Schiff zu betreten, um die Baupläne Manuel einzuscannen. Wir schicken zu diesem Zweck unseren Sep Engineer, unseren AI spezialisten, sowie eine Begleitung von 2 bewaffneten Söldnern.

Gott steh uns bei!

Twinkle twinkle little star ... There is a Transporter with this hugh capacity so far.

So let's try to get the blueprint soon, with writing creative words in this little poem.

You can get this blueprint just as a giveaway, maybe with this creative words and resteem, proudly presented on a tray? 🚀

Writing some creative words to earn, it's not that easy for me as this small worm. 😉

In English it is not that easy for me to say ...

So please take my little try and with hope and joy I will send it on the way.


Here is an actual quote I dug up that is surprisingly relevant-

"Hi, I'm Jason Statham and I know a little bit about making 3 Transporters. I can tell you for a fact that even after a first successful Transporter you're going to need at least 2 more. The nextcolony team even modeled the newer ships after me, bigger, faster, foreign, everything I am known for. I'll even let the fact that they stole my movie titles Transporter 2 and Transporter 3 slide because they did it to pay homage to my career. So check out the latest Transporters and my newest film Hobbs & Shaw starring me and Dwayne "the rock" Johnson"

If you give me the transporter 3 I will call my grandmother and transport her amazing lasagna throughout the universe!!!

Hello everyone,
I'm one of the engineer working on the new ships. I'm maybe risking my life for delevering this message throught the hyperspace but hope my boss won't see it as he is eating donuts and drinking coffee rn. There is a big issue with the new ships that can be lethal... (Unknown person: WHOS HERE) Ohh shit, I need to hide be back. {sound starting again] Ok, I don't have much time. I achieved to killed the guard. The issue is placed on the green button on the control panel. YOU MUST NEVER TOUCH IT either way it will make explode every ships you own.... (Unknow voice: GET HIM!!) [Gunshot]

I want to pick up other ships with transporter 3 ( planets ok too :)

What a wonderful super ship, it's probably great to be a pilot of a space trucker...

A creative comment.

I just had 236 copper evaporate into space. I could use a gift from the stars.

Thank you.


There seems to be a bug with unloading. The resources are not lost, they are still on your ship.


Thanks. How do i fix this bug and get my stuff back?


@holger80 is fixing this for you.

Very cool design, looks like space dragon.

Wheter I want a T-III blueprint you ask?

I'll say: "Does a one-legged duck swim in circles?" *

And that means: YES, of course I do!

But I'm afraid I might be playing the dead duck * right here. This comment is basically like just a sitting duck *, for that I've already made it before. It wasn't even all my own idea, but I took to it like a duck to water * and made it visible for all to see.

You can say that I'll be a lame duck * for just repeating this, but it's going to be like water off a duck's back * to me.

Because a one legged duck does indeed swim in circles, but this duck ain't lame and it's got room for more! I've re-steemed this and even made my own post about it!


So you are just giving away the blueprints? I guess I can cancel the Bothan spies I hired to gather the intel for me.

Seriously though, I appreciate that your team is constantly working to add things to the game to make it more fun.

I'm not good at writing a creative comment, but I'd like to earn Transporter III blueprint. :) PLEASE~~~

I'm just going to call the T2 the farm ship - very handy for all those local passive players!

Extremely useful to free up a few mission control slots too at that speed.

I'm thinking the T3 probably won't really come into its element until a few months down the line.... but I've found thinking long term in this game is key.

Both seem pretty handy.

Now just the question of what to do with all these T1s...

Resteemed, Cheers!

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T1 is a pretty good tank. (:

My experience so far in NextColony :D
Transporter 3 for the rescue


Hi @kalif. Sorry for the offending attack, your planet was just shown as a farm from Next Colony Statistics. Your revenge on one of my other planets today is more than balancing it. Therefore I would suggest to find back to peaceful coexistence. I hope you accept this pease offer. Kind regards, city-of-berlin

wow good~~i need this blueprint!!!

Is next colony
A shity little garbage
Or just monkey poo?

giving BP for comments to your post is sooooo lame...


what is creative comment?I can't understand.plz explain someone.

I have a very pertinent question and I'm pretty sure other people are wondering; will Jason Statham be involved in this project? Because I can't imagine a Transporter series without him

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Space trucking!! Now powered by the SPICE! This will surely dominate the universe.

Thanks for the giveaway, @nextcolony. We could all use the ability to reach out and touch someone (just a little faster).

I hope there is more than one winner, that mancer guy knocked it out of the park.

Hopefully this contest will break my losing streak, but, having accepted that some people are just born to lose, i don't hold out a lot of hope.
Is that defeatist?
Self fulfilling?
Who's to say?

Guess I'll know in a couple days.

Just wanted to say thank you for that great game. You put a lot work in to it and it shows.

I will describe three different types of transporters in animal forms:

T1 = slowest and less storage - much alike Galapagos Tortoises
T2 = fastest and modest storage - undoubtedly the Cheetahs
T3 = normal and largest storage - nonetheless the biggest land animal, Elephants!

Btw, thanks for the new T2 and T3 transporters, @nextcolony :) Upvoted and resteemed!

From the farthest galaxies new allies form up to trade together.
A fast trade with allies offers an ernome basic structure for further exploration of the universe and expansion of the different colonies.

Capt. Maverick

Guys, seriously: Transporter II and III? Where has the creativity gone?
What about naming them "cargo ship" and "superfreighter" or something of the like?
And "scout" / "voyager" for explorer II/III...

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what about
Transporter Regula (TI)
Transporter Arrow (TII)
Transporter Canard (TIII)

It is a real shame that you did not include battle as one of your tags because I can assure you that the battle community is in support of your game. A good portion of the posts on there are NextColony related.

Maybe NextColony and Battlegames should collaborate.... I can see a bright future Steem; even though price is in the mud currently.

RESTEEMED! Sorry not that creative... Hopefully this qualifies...

The introduction of the new transporters will change some things. Will affect the rate of development of planet clusters and balancing of resources, but also sending them at long distances and wow, what effects that will have on farming!

But why i can not bould this one? Just buy??? I dont like that... No Option for play with time is not nice in a pay to win game....

  • Items free (1/3)
  • Items pay (1/3)
  • Items reward (1/3)

I hope you solve the transaction speed problem. As the planet grows, so much time is consumed. Thanks.

Emperor: Hi Engineers we need a faster and bigger transport, at the moment the transport are just to slow and to small.
Engineer: So what do you want? Something like the double of the size?
Emperor: No I want something huge, really huge. Something that can transport the ressources of an entire planet at once.
Engineer: That is lot a lot, this will take a long time and a lot of ressources.
Emperor: Ok you have until the end of the week. xD

In summary compare to Transport version 1.0 (C-T01)
C-T02 = fastest (4x), heavy(4x) but BP cost ~19.9x of a C-T01 and defence x (1/4.8)
C-T03 = fast(1.5x), heaviest (12x)!, BP cost ~ priceless and defence x (1/2.4)


I must admit that I cannot follow your calculations in total. The speed and load comparison is correct, but I do not understand how you compare the blueprint costs - the C-T01 is free, so I do not understand where you get the factor 19.8x from. Built costs by the way 4.35x for the C-T01 and 3.55x for the C-T-03.
So to sum it up, C-T01 is well suited for defense, C-To2 is the express service ship and C-T03 is the heavy loader.


Thanks for the correction. Multiply anything with zero is zero. C-T03 was initially -1, thought it would be priceless in buying blueprint for C-T03 and getting paid too. :)

A creative comment! if it weren't for my brother advising me to start playing this game i would've never found out about it. i am definitely addicted... i cant wait to see what'll happen as the game progresses.

roses are red.
violets are blue
i want that blueprint
so give it, pew pew

Make it so, devs! Who's got some game lookin' to play? This guy! (Points to self)

Looking to zoom about the galaxy for some wonder building already.

Good. I can't wait to use the transport III. I hope there's a new skill to speed up the ship.

I definitely need a T3... my Space Bike I has so little storage capacity (and it can only carry bananas!!!)

Waiting for the (cargo) train...

We watched as the empire slowly spread like a disease across the sector. World after world falling to it's slow but inevitable spread. The empire had left us alone until one night the alarms sounded and our homeworld was under attack. Our colonies mobilized to aid the homeworld and the empire was beaten back. This time we won... but what about the next attack? Will we fall to its spread too? Time will tell but we have already launched our backup site to preserve our people if the worse befalls the homeworld. Perhaps with the recent completion of the new type 3 transporter we can finally move our people out in mass. Something of our people must survive in the face of this onslaught but I fear nothing will stop the empire...

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Err, I'm not good with creative writing, but my life would be good, if I can get a T3 Blueprint - like my username = goodsimplelife :D

PS: Even my doggy - Goody will be happy as well, if I can get the T3 BP lol

I'm not creative at all buttttttttt check out my planet names .... they are all named after the Sanrio family which I thought was a little different than the traditional names that was given to our planets

can we change our planet icons ?

after I have tortured myself into the near space to manage with the normal speed of the transporter a fast, super transporter comes out of the hangar and Starfleet is deeply impressed with what a speed this spaceship flies.

The relation of resources and construction time seems to have found a balanced value for me.

too the Moon and faar awwayy*

Let me sing a song here :D

"When I happy, I will go play Next Colony" (clap clap)
"When I happy, I will go play Next Colony" (clap clap)
"When I moody, I will still play Next Colony" (tap tap)
"After I play Next Colony, I will happy again!" (clap clap)

PS: If I ever get a T3 Blueprint - it's surely my happiest moment of all XD

Thanks for the everything, @nextcolony dev team (upvoted and resteemed!)

As a Steemit's Koala bear myself - you know what's my favorite food of all time?

It's nothing than "T3" (homophonic of "Tea Tree" XD)

Hope I will get T3 and munch it whenever I want @nextcolony lol

PS: upvoted & resteemed!

Creative comment.....
Well, I am looking forward to moving more than my little transporter lets me now. I guess this new transporter is the muscle car of transporters :)


I would use the transporter to seek the planet on which the gods (and goddesses) are residing. I am sure that as soon as they see this magnificient ship they get inspired to play NextColony as well. :)

It's good news that T1 is still useful. 😁 Hope for blueprint.

Creative - pfff - let me say it like Jason Statham aka Frank - the Real Transporter:

Transportation is a precise business - hence there is a lot work to do Colony Boys - but you are getting there - keep on pushing and deliver! Nothing more to add as I try to stay classy:

Looking forward to spreading freedom across the galaxy with the Transporter III 💪

Long before humanity left the earth to explore the deep space for the search of a new home, a race called the "Necro" was already on their path to colonize the Galaxy.


This species has their roots on the Planet Necroticum it used to be known as Marble Blue. After their civilization pecked, they emigrated into Space and left their Home planet as a contaminated place.

They have scattered throughout the galaxy and mutated over the centuries to a creepy species.

If you fine an Alienship lonely without a crew be careful!
Necros are a very dangerous !

Looking forward to using this cool transporter. I bet I can fit my beanie baby collection in this bad boy. Going to be good :)

Wow! The transporter 3 is a real joy to behold, and a worthy asset to have in any fleet of ships. Indeed i will be so glad to have this given to me.
I am so in love with nextcolony and the upgrades that have been coming along keep making it a more fantastic game to play, and so super addictive, you cant do without it.

I'm hyped for the new ships to come out, I've finally gotten most skills up and found some planets, now I'm trying to get started with some battles, and the T3 seems perfect for that; have some massive fleet fly in first, with T3 showing up immediately after to grab all the loot? Or maybe it'll be fine just having them in the same fleet, don't want to use up all my mission slots. How many T3 blueprints will be available?

Looking forward to the shiny new space truck! Convoy time to victory

Looking forward to filling up that biiig looong rock hard transporter with a huuuge load! Then finding the nearest planet that's in need of my huge load and ....

GodSpeed ! 💙

Posted using Partiko Android

Cool, now i can send a huge amount of supply to my other planet, i hope i can win some blueprint, thanks

T III - Rise of The Machines

P32090_v_v8_aa (1).jpg

resteemed & commented. creativity is subjective.

<-------- FEED ME

I like big ships
I like big ships
I like big ships
I like big ships
I like big ships
I like big ships

I have to do a large delivery, let me bring my T3.
I need to send the shipment fast ,let T2 handle it.
It is a risky terrain, let T1 navigate it.

I need them all to dominate this space.

Game was not kind for me and I still did not found a planet so maybe I will have better luck with this promotion? Who knows.

Keep up good work anywyay.

We thought we knew what we were doing. We were wrong.

Attacks had come before. The raiders would fly their giant ships to Alpha, land outside our depots, steal our Uranium, and go back to whence they came. It was a civil sort of invasion, and we would put our heads down and go back to the mines.

This was different.

The ships picked up on our deep space radar were of a radically different design. They were shaped differently. The moved differently.

Then we picked up some of their long-range transmissions. That's when we knew.


In all the exploration of all the space, these were the first aliens we had come across. And they were coming for us.

Our engineers worked furiously to come up with a response. We had no time to build defenses. All we could do was run. Just three things matter now. Moving people, moving resources, and triggering the Stardust protocol.

So we loaded everything we could in our latest transporter ships, the Transporter Mark IIIs, and set out for the deep dark.

As the last one to turn off the lights, it was my job to trigger the Stardust countdown. It had to be timed so that the alient fleet would reach orbit before the planetary core cracked. That meant my ship had to launch sunward instead of discward, and use the slingshot to catch up to the rest of our Transporter III fleet.

It gets hot inside a scout ship at 0.6 AUs, let me tell you. But I made it out.

I just hope we didn't start an interspecies war that we can't win.

Very God, I need you to drop me an Transporter III.

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Its great to watch how this game evolves. But you know what would be great too? If you add inversed transport. I mean pick up resources. It can be done many ways: white list for players that can pick up but the best I think is to be able to create packages on the planet with names who can pick up and resources to be picked up.

Thanks for great blueprint in great game :)

Yo' momma so fat, she needed a Transporter III to get her out of Earth's orbit.

T2 will be a run-and-gun attacker with corvettes, or even without them to double the speed while taking more risks.

T3 is basically a fast-giant-suitcase. You are essentially sending a small chest of resources with one T3!

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"It started out as a normal day for Captain Dawn. She took her fleet of Corvettes for a daily ranging mission at daybreak to scout nearby space and look out for any incoming threats. Midway through the mission they came across a trail of debris. After following it for a few hours they reached the source of it – A large spacecraft that was moving unusually fast for its size. However, the Corvettes were going at full throttle and were able to intercept the spacecraft.

The crew of this rather large spacecraft were unable to find their destination. They were weary and had used up last of their food supplies a few days ago. Upon interrogation, one of them asked ‘what year is it?’ They were taken aback by surprise after hearing it was 2019. They had come from the future. The last thing they remember was a Meteor Shower. Their ship had spiralled out of control while trying to dodge a meteor headed their way. They must have hit a Wormhole and travelled through it back in time.

Captain Dawn escorted the lost crew and their ship to our planet. The engineers at our Shipyard were able to repair it with the help of its crew. It was a transport ship with huge loading capacity that was capable of travelling at the speeds of a Frigate. They agreed to share the blueprints for the ship. In return we had to help them find the wormhole."
And that folks is how Transporter III was born.


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This is the first time I've tried to be creative in a long while just in hopes to get a Transporter III blueprint. Hope you guys enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this up.

Also Resteemed and Upvoted.

A creative comment: hum.

I will write what I feel.

I will deliver this message to myanmar community by translating this post. Thanks for your giveaway.

The Captain approves of this giveaway.

We, the Delta-clan wanna make an statement here...

T1 - It's the Alpha version of transporter (if you need something durable, then this is gonna be your perfect choice!)
T2 - It's the Beta version of transporter (looking for speed of flash? T2 is what you need here!)
T3 - It's the Gamma version of transporter (you want the biggest load and T3 will make your dream comes true!)

Delta-clan would like to have, not only T1 and T2, but also the T3.

Reason - Without the combination of "Alpha + Beta + Gamma" - Delta won't be existed at all :)

PS: Upvoted & resteemed, thanks @nextcolony !

Thanks for your giveaway. I afraid that your post will fill with comments and can not load properly. Your post would be the most commented post in this week. Getting a TIII blue print would be great for me.

Well I'm not one for creativity...So I'll just be boring and tell the team that i have enjoyed the game. I am impressed with the constant updates and willingness to take input from the community. It so refreshing to see a team care about their project, community and future of the block chain. Hats off guys and keep it up!

A great experience to play this game. I hope that the next chapter of space adventures will be most intriguing :)

Hmm, think I just write a Poem to lay my love on T3 Blueprint...

Love you, love you
May I love you T3,
Tell me what to do...
I try to find you in the deepest and darkest space,
So that you won't be alone anymore.
Let's looking for happiness together :D

PS: Hopefully, @nextcolony will like it, upvoted and resteemed!

Great update, not only excellent ships but also transport function for combat ships? Awesome.

Oooooooh, I wish I had a Transporter III eee
It's the only ship for me
Oh, I wish I could win a ship for free eee
It's the best method for me

I've played hard
and explored the stars
But now things are a bit too faaaar

Oooooh, I wish I had a Transporter III eee
So my resources would be closer to little ol me!

Creativity is not my forte but I will try. Ok this is too hard maybe I can't and don't want to make a fool of myself.

Would be nice to have a transporter as that is one of the ships I don't have and would love to have and try out!

i'm going against the comment section trend.
I dont want your gigantic Transporter 3.
rather built 100 T1s which by the way are sooo excellent.
in reality i want it really bad cuz it can carry lots of stuff therefore here is my apology.

JOCKING you fool, you thought id be that weak?
I will park my lvl1 Transporters allaround your planet like a dyson sphere and siege freak!!

hopefully they will implement the mentioned mechanic
so i can make alot of people panic

again i'm just jocking........ 3
transporters aren't even enough to make a squirrel chocking

7 days i do have to wait
i better start the shipyard upgrade



Science Officer's Log Stardate 97142.71 - Starbase Genesis1

Ever since the discovery of a near-by planet, the colony has changed a lot. Many opportunities have opened up in the building of a new Starbase. As always, I'm spending my time researching, coding and inventing new technologies to advance our settlements. With two planets now, we must place a priority on being able to transport resources between them. The sub-space chatter that I'm hearing is suggesting that there are new blueprints in circulation for some advanced Transporters. If I can get my hands on one, I'll be able to convince the Commodore to issue a Top Priority Order to get the necessary Skills Phased Up to build these new civil ships. One thing at a time; first the blueprints!

End Science Officer's Log


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I don't even want your silly Tlll!!! I love my hardworking little Tl's that slowly crawl through space for hours and hours with their cute little storages. How are they supposed to feel if a big new ship came along and kick their lives one and only purpose? Thats rude...but I would't have them on the same planet either way...

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Damn, this transporter is sooo big, it's front and back have different zip codes.

Good news for the game, I have already bought the explorer II and I want to get the transporter I'II if luck permits! I love this game!! Thanks @nextcolony for creating this game!

Even as a little child I dreamed of having a T3. I saw it flying far away in space and said to myself: "One day. Yes, one day I'll have a T3 too".... It would be a pleasure for me....

If I can run Transporter 3, I'll hit the enemy with Transporter 3. It seems to be getting more and more wonderful game. Thanks to the staff at nextcolony who is working hard.

If you have a Legendary Planet, you Need such a Transporter3. So, if i not get such a Blueprint, i must cry. Much crying. I will never can built a world wonder, cry moore, will loose all Friends in the clan, moore and moore cry, will loose my Friends in real live because i alwys cry, will loose my job because i alwys cry soooo much.

Ok now, do you really want to take responsibility when I lose my job with a broken heart and die crying….?

Would you like to earn a Transporter III blueprint? Just write a creative comment below this post and resteem this post

  1. Add market to the game.
  2. Create nextcolony community and make airdrop for all BATTLE holders.
  3. Remove JSON operations for speeding up game. (DrugWars made so)

I hope this comment will be quite creative.

  1. Remove JSON operations for speeding up game. (DrugWars made so)

How about no?

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What a toy, give me two !

Being creative is my weakest point. Let me see ....

I have lost too many explorers let me try and get/win something so I can feel like I haven't lost too much in the game. But I have to say the new design looks like a flying bird with green hair at the back of it.

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." Confucious

That's a rare planet

I was wondering why TIII was not available on the market. Now the mystery has been unveiled.

I see the TI Armada of some might lose the value now, but it can act as a big thank defence, even if it is a very expensive one. But as long as other ships can fire it shall be fine.

You might add Carrier II so this can carry also other ships inside, like 30 Corvette for example with a higher speed. Only as a transport at this high speed. Might be an idea.

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Oh ha. Ich hätte nicht gedacht das die neuen Transporter solch ein Volumen haben werden. T 2 wird wohl jede Gemeinschaft brauchen um das Weltwunder zu bauen und der große Brocken ist ja auf der kurzen Distance optimal. Hut ab ... da habt Ihr ja mal wieder richtig einen rausgehauen.
Ich hoffe euch hängen die Donuts und der Kaffe nicht schon zum Halse raus.
Weiter so denn so macht das Spiel auch ohne Planeten zu finden Spaß.

Nice update, Speed 8 is insanely fast to harvest your enemies planets with this Transporter. I'm looking forward to the next update on Battleships probably also with Speed 8 ;-)
Good work, guys!

The Quackians of Planet QUACK have always flown South for the Winter. However, with the invention of the Transporter III, the migration requires less time and effort. This new spaceship gets 4 out of 5 Quacks. Well done.


hahaha... brilliant... now that you say it...

if it flies like a duck, looks like a duck, and get's stuffed like a duck... must be a transporter III :P




now we can meme this.


I really think you should!

here, I have re-done it in full-res for better memes:


I‘ll be creative later, when drawing technical analysis Charts on the black market the TIII will start 😜

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I want the blueprint for the millennium falcon!

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A very good addition to the game. The more ships and more varieties of them the more options players have and can make strategic decisions.

I don't play nextcolony nowadays.But i think it is a good update. After this people will come and join this more

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Oh it's fantastic!
With this, conquering space isn't a dream!

what an awesome chance ,, resteem done

They could have names, the transporters, like the other ships.

  • Transporter Crow
  • Transporter Stork
  • Transporter Swan

The explorers should have names too!

How interesting, I like the idea of you boosting engagement and excitement of the NC community by providing in-game rewards. I think it's a very clever way to add value to the game since more players will be eager to have these items (count me among this group) and they will have to participate and engage somehow to earn them.

Everyone can see how you keep fulfill the committed road map (i.e. steady game development, rewards for active players and supporters, and modules released timely). Of course there are some problems (who hasn't?) like server unresponsive issues, API, some minor bugs... But the team always has responded to each challenge.

How much do you guys Steem will be worth if Steemit Inc staff would have behaved like this? Hopefully projects such as NC could wash our beloved coin's face.

O'right, since everyone loves Chuck Norris Jokes:

  1. Chuck Norris counted to infinity... Twice, and still hasn't found the End of the NextColony Universe.
  2. If you can see Chuck Norris, he can see you. If you can't see Chuck Norris he is playing Next Colony and you may be only seconds away from death.
  3. Chuck Norris does not make Bunker Upgrades. Because Bunker is also no protection from Chuck Norris.
  4. NextColony is actually full of orbiting groups of British soldiers from the American Revolution who entered space after Chuck gave them a roundhouse kick to the face.
  5. Chuck Norris is not mining uranium, his roundhouse kicks can power fleets forever.
  6. Chuck Norris invented the bolt-action rifle, liquor, sexual intercourse, football and nextcolony-- in that order.
  7. The only way to find Aliens is in NextColony, because we are alone in the universe. We weren't before Chuck Norris went on his first space expedition.
  8. Chuck Norris doesn't play god. Playing is for children. Instead, he rules over all Time and Space - also in NextColony.
  9. They say: Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind every destroyed ship, there is Chuck Norris.

Hope you like some :))

"The Transporter III is the largest transporter and has an enormous loading capacity" - I think, will be better, if we can do choice of the resources' order of loading - instead always: Uranium, Copper, Ore, Coal !? - as sample, I wanna and make the choice: Ore, Uranium, Coal, Copper (i.e. be able to change resources' loading order for every attack). With this condition, I would prefer the Transporter II with 8x speed :)

What's about the Explorer III? -- also faster!! ;)
and, maybe, with player's customized ratio lost/found for every explorer's launch - If I'll set more % chance to lost the explorer, then % chance of planet's founding to upping too (but slower of first %, of course)

Good luck to you - making this game better!

Excellent review @nextcolony and your transport mission looks amazing after the update!

Captain Bibi aka the Tuxedo Space Cat: OMG General, come and look on @nextcolony now... QUICKLY!!!

General Wilson aka wilhb81: STOP Yelling like a psycho - what the heck is it? (Checking on the main planet control room)

"Woah, Transporter version II and III finally here!!! Quick Captain, bring the cat food... sorry the almighty spacesuit - I wanna go and check out these new version transporters NOW!"

Without further ado - General Wilson just open the main control room's airlock and run out from it...

Ironic thing is... He forgot to wear the almighty spacesuit XD

PS:Upvoted and resteemed ;)

Coole Aktion! Ich hoffe mal ein deutscher Kommentar genügt!

Mir kam zu Ohren die Nachricht vom Transporter drei
Im Lagerraum hat er ganz schön viel Platz frei
Faster, bigger und auch better soll er sein
Fast das heißt weiß ich nicht, ich spreche kein Latein
Um ihn zu bekommen muss man nicht bezahlen
Nur die NC-Macher dazu bringen vor Glück zu Strahlen
Dafür soll der User einen kreativen Kommentar schreiben
Deshalb dicht' ich ein paar Verse die sich reimen
Aber da ich eigentlich kein Poet bin, sondern ein Pilot,
hat die letzte Zeile keinen Reim

Resteem is done!

Oh, God, I need you to drop me an Transporter III. please.....

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„Life is flighing a T3. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.“
Albert Einstein

so i used a quiet minute to think about a story about the new Transporters and wrote just what came to my mind while seeing the pictures unfolding in my mind:

It had become late again, my tired eyes still noticed some lights in the adjoining office area, someone was still there. The text message on my Holo "We already ate, don't bother anymore..." fed my subconscious with feelings of guilt. I bent over the desk, leaned my forehead on my angled palms and closed my eyes. My head pulsated, thoughts raced back and forth on tense synapses. We were now beaten 17 months on this damn project. I still had Edward's gaze as a picture in front of me, I had literally felt the ripping tension in the room, like a laser he had pierced me today, seconds that had felt like minutes.

None of my colleagues had the courage to say anything about the situation, they had been silent for 2 months. He wanted answers and only those he wanted to hear. TDX3205 had started hopefully and had been planned for 8 months. The sound of the champagne glasses, the laughter, the cheerful murmur of voices at the buffet, the impressive announcement of our research director Mike Bell had given way to an oppressive silence. I've been working overtime for weeks, months to find the answers. TDX, Transportaton Drive X had been chosen as one of the most prestigious projects.

Today we had done the 13th test of the drive. We had prepared ourselves for a whole 2 months with a team of 40 people. The simulation values from countless runs, the strict quality checks, the design of the drive everything seemed to fit perfectly... everyone had worked with great concentration and then it happened.

Bild von 【中文ID】愚木混株 【ins-ID】cdd20 auf Pixabay

At 8:53 there was a huge explosion that shook the whole research campus. Even window panes in offices 2km away broke and our senior research engineer Beckett was now seriously injured in the hospital, contaminated, struggling for his life. A 3cm metal part had penetrated his body, even though he was in the shelter we thought was safe. But the energy density in the TII's new drive had simply been too high. For still inexplicable reasons this had become unstable in test.

There where before a clinically working test laboratory had been, gaped now a black hole, a crater which had demonstrated the unrestrained force of the new drive all too clearly had. We were on the verge of a breakthrough, after this setback it was time to gather strength and move on, Edward finally providing the answer to the problem so that the new transporter could launch soon as the fastest interplanetary transport ever built!

I was a little clearer now, had my thoughts in order, was looking out of the window into the deep black night that was only held back by the campus's tracked LED lanterns. I had to ask Karen, you again for understanding and some patience, to make it up to me. Something would come to mind...

Oh, God, I need you to drop me an Transporter III. please.....

Have you heard about the latest restaurant that opened up on moon?
No, how is that restaurant?
Well, there are mixed reviews. People say the food is great. But there is no atmosphere or ambience.

I need you to drop me an Transporter III. please.....

Finally a real truck for the spaceautobahn (resteemed)

O wowwww looking really awesome :) amazing update :)

I created some ideas for Next Colony 2.0

dang let me find a 2nd planet first lol

This game is getting better and better each day. Still waiting for explorer III with hope that it will reduce bad luck for some players.

Transporter III makes the house movement better and faster, great I won't need an order a house removal service.

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wow !
Sound Good !!
I want to travel the entire universe. Help me..hahaha

  ·  3년 전

My face when people stretch for comments and resteem only to get blueprint in a computer game.

Good.I haven't used transporter yet, but I want to try transporter 3 first.

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"Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy's unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions."
Sun Tzu

So what about ... so many dangers ... under the ground ... on planets ...

General: “Good morning captain. You have been assigned to a new ship.”

Captain: “As you command. Looking forward to my new assignment and the bigger guns.”

General: “You will now fly the brand new Explorer III!”

Captain: “Noooooooo !!!!!!”

He break down and cries.

A new recruit nearby asks his friend; “What’s wrong with him?”

His friend turns all white whispers: “The Alien ship .... that’s a suicide mission. No guns, no defence. It is a paper plane. But worst of all is the controls. No one knows for sure but I heard that the easy part is feeding it with your own blood ....”


You could have just assigned him to fly Max 737.


Demotion and promotion, an Ace Corvette pilot to do cargo at double the speed.

I haven't used transporter yet, but I want to try transporter 3 first.


You have some really synchronize exploration going on there. I-spy-with-my-lil-I